read with the articles that has the plots from energy loss and speed excess (which will be reviewed) there is also the article where a general form of such energy loss is formulated.
at the 3rd power of energy the photon loses energy at a much faster rate than the neutrino gains a speed above the photon. In other words the speed excess is a weaker function that came to our notice now, but the energy loss was known to us since a long long time (perhaps even 1930, 40s or earlier). That means the neutrino speed excess is not unexpected. And this is not using any quantum mechanics as such only Relativity, except we have an experimental mass of photon which is 10^-18 eV, earlier we used to put absolute zeros everywhere. Experiment teaches us a lot of good science. All this is in line with quantum mechanics as we knew it in the 1930s. That is the important thing about this result.

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