“Religion was invented when the first con-man met the first fool. -Mark Twain”
(thanks are due to Imtiaz Hussain Mahmood from whose “wall” I obtained this. )
Well all these fools that are elated about 11/11/11 11.11.11 ask them “what’s a rational number?” most of them will scratch their head. Then tell them that. A rational number is one computed from any two natural numbers so that one of the two natural numbers can divide the other into a finite fraction, another natural number plus that fraction. eg 3/4 = 0.75. or 6/4 = 2 x 0.75 = 1.5 = 1 + 0.5. So far so good.
A rational number is what makes finite sense. SO a rational person is one who makes a finite sense of what he says, thinks or espouses. Now the irrational numbers are ones that are not rational numbers. They do not make finite sense or a finite fraction of a number. say 10/3 = 3.3333333333333 …, it will continue to as many 3’s as you like. This is infinitely recurring. So we decide where to stop, because as human beings we must make rational decisions. We can not continue with infinite gibberish.
We will run out of our valuable resources if we are irrational. If instead of taking shower with water we had chosen a shower with yellow-melow (??) we would easily run out of the yellow-melow. But we also know now that the source of water is also limited, that is, rational. We can not afford to be irrational anywhere. SO an irrational number continues to infinite, like an irrational fool continues his gibberish ad infinitum. It has to be terminated somewhere. There is no rationality in the argument of 11/11/11 11.11.11, why don’t they go divide the time at the second to further, because we know things do exist at that level.
A fool and an irrational person who are cousins though, they can’t comprehend rational arguments. Gadaffi killed 1200 men in 3 hrs, I computed that and it turns out Gadaffi is an irrational fool, because you can not continue to kill people at your wish, at some point it has to stop, there is just not enough people in the world that are waiting to get killed by your wish to have them killed. that number 1200/3×60 turns out to be 6.66666666666 .. /min. Gadafi could have decided to rely on his computer which would have said “I fail Sir, at the level o’ a min I really can not rationally determine how many people you wanna kill, Your Majesty”.
Now Gadaffi elaned “Rational numbers can be had from irrational numbers by terminating the irrational numbers at some point, SO I will kill people at mercy”. Then somebody who was smart thought, “OK this man is very irrational, so we must terminate him as well.” And he was terminated. Irrationality has to stop somewhere. There is nothing in the Universe that can accomodate infinites and irrationals, not even a fool.

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