In this researched article we will see a lot more interesting factoids. This article can be considered a sequel to one I wrote right off my mind couple days ago. [When I say that I can sometimes write in an hour a longer article and sometimes I am feeling so relaxed the whole day from morning to evening or evening to next morning would be taken up for such an ideal trying to move back and forth through analysis. These analyis are basically what knowledge I have gained over the year mostly but can also go back as early as High School when I truly started to think about language. In-fact I give you a small example of when exacatly I became a language enthusiast after I link the 3 related article that you can read with this one.]

Language Analysis -I []

A chart for base Alphabet of any language;

Meaning of a Vowel which should expand by the very nature of language analysis;

Here is the story of when I became interested about language. I grew up in a typical village of India. I lived much of my formative years therefore in my grandparent’s home in that village. I often visited my birth-place [my grand parent’s village]

71 year old Mr Punia, my Grand Father’s cousin. He was happy to see me. Doesn’t he look a bit liek Galileo? He was a farmer. My Grandfather was the only one from the village who was a teacher and farmer at the same time.
elder cousin and me, the village that will bring all my memories alive from as long as 30 yrs ago, he used to take me around on his bicycle when I was a kid, I grew up for sometimes here ..


I grew up in this village when I was a few years old upto about 6/7 years of age from I don’t remember when. I know I was with parents till I was atleast 1 year old. Perhaps sometimes after that I came to this village to live with grand parents and had my first two years of schooling here when I moved back to be with Parents. Being a kid is full of shit. I enjoyed far too much though. Sleeping on rope beds [ofcourse with cusion under you] looking at night sky learning whats constellations and listening to stories from Grand Parents and elders. My Grandfather was a teacher in a upper primary school [taught upto level 7, 12 year old kids]. My grandfather tauught me, maths. But I picked up language when he was teaching his daughter and other pupil. I would be around and pick up a few things. It was a cottage-gazibo at the Grand parent’s place where I would hang around in the morning till night. Sometimes later when I grew up enough, 7-9 years old I would read various stry books, go around miles into the village with friends, learn uncanny things [like how a wine-pot is fixed to khajur trees by very low “caste” people whose entire concern was to perhaps work somewhere and then drink a lot from these wine-trees, they would come with “caturis”=cutting weapons. So be careful and never mess with them. But I had far more things to learn, like metaphysical phantom creatures.]

The very first story I have about is when I llearned maths. I learned it on a “slate” a piece of blacked out plate. The numbers and any small operations that you learn at that age. Then my Grandfather wanted to test me. So in my first ever test I secured 18/20. See I remember that. I started remembering fuzzy things when I was 10 months old, and my sister never believes me. But its true. I was always the “memory” guy. Dropping uncanny things to put elderly people in trouble. eg the time when my Aunt was stealing mangoes.  And there are sexual stories too from a very early age but I am not going to divulge.

So my grand father would often take me to his school. My grandfather was a very renowned teacher of that region and has made many good career people [including me, all my interest for learning can go to him, cos I am hardly someone who finds it alluring to sit and focus on something like study] But he loved me often at the disgust of other siblings and never ever ever not even a single time punished me. So I was the kid of envy from a lotta people who kept making allegations against me much of which were not true, eg “who did it around the edge of the well?” iiwasn me !!. There at this village I would look far deep downinto the well and look how less of water would be there and during rain how water would be so overflowing that you can literally pick it with a bucket without a rope. The well was 10-15 meters deep. There would also be apart from a rope a wooden pulley device. Rural Engineering among farmers of India. I learned stuff at a young age. [I didn’t do all of it but certainly motivated enough] eg My Grandfather who was a teachera nd farmer at the same time, would farm sugarcane one time. And I would go with him to see how he does it. Ask him questions. I would eyewitness during all woken up nights how sugarcandy is cooked from sugarcane in iron-pots as big as 1.5 meters or more and fire as big as 1 meter deep soiled ovens. It was a real thrilling experience. My Grand father had a few trees in this place where you see the cows. One huge Mango tree with mangoes as sweet as Shakira. One very sour mango tree which is very small mango but becomes very sweet when matures so you can literally suck on themango. The sweet mango which is very big in size would literally hang up to the ground so when everybody is sleeping I would go and steal a couple and eat them while raw, but sweet. And the other mango which is small, sour but turns swee comes off when there is summer wind. [mango comes only during summer unless a special breed] Which is where I got my inspiration for the phrase “atsu no arashi” because that in Japanese means summer-breeze. The summer breeze in India comes during late aafternoon and evening. Its called “jhanzi” or “jhanzi paban” in Odia. [Jhanzi might be a cognate of jhad =typhoon or jhadi=removal/uprooting or coming off as stuff do when that breeze comes]. In any case all my interesting stories started in that village. Including a few stealing incidents and one armed robbery case. I endured it all hence my imagination is often story like as I read the same stuff in story books. One time I went with a guy [there were couple of guys working at my Grand Parents, one named Manua and one named Hanua. Manua is for man and Hanua is for Hanu=monkey/big/hulk, and they were so literally so] I went with Manua to see what he is doing. Manua went into one of the wells. And caught some 10 inch fishes. He would keep these on the edge and go looking for more. So out of greed I caught the fish and ran. He yelled at me but I didn’t stop. I ran all around about a km, from here to there and so on. Finally I reached home with the fish and he followed me and appealed to my Grandparents how I have captured his fish. My Grandmother pursuaded me to return it and she would cook me good fish soon. She said its a deadfish. What sort fo man eats alive fishes? I couldn’t reason then.

So I would go to visit the school [not yet enrolled]. At this place my Grandfather was teaching higher classes so he would ask the junior collegues to take attention of me. I would sit focussed and try to follow whats taught. But one of these time I got friends with another chap who was 2-3 years older than I am. We would “bunk” and go to a “khala”. Khala is a farming place. All sorts of agricultural stuff can be accomplished there. You have hay stacks. Cows/Bullocks doing “rice separation” stuff and plantations and so on. So we would sit in the hay stack for hours. But the hay is really itchy.  There would also be a house made by stacking hay. The inner is just clothed so there is no itching and the top is just hay. One could read novels there. Village life is far more fun than city life. I have done that all my life. Ha, I have lived across 100s of cities for a day, two or week or months and I have also lived in village. Thats me. I have been to taverns [well bars?] and I have been a cowboy. I was a cowboy when I was a few years old. I was about 4-5. I would one day take the cows for grazing. I would like it and I would do so a few more times. While returning I would pick up the eggs and grandmother would cook a sumptuous meal. What life. Me always funky. The meat and fish would be ordered via elderly people. Village economy of India as it existed back then was a democracy. Ok so I would when go for taking the cows for grazing would also look for mango trees. So we could throw stones and get a few. I would be with couple more kids of my age who would be far more ractical in these matters because they are actually from the village. Me a guest from a city just enjoying life. So my other friend [who was a cousin of my mother but barely of my age] would point to a woman who would be roaming there. That woman was famous because she did not have bust and would be going around without a cloth, if I recall. So fun.  That cousin of my mother by teh name Biju, we were really good friends, but he was a prank. He and I would often fight so he would climb the tree and I would throw stones at him. Ofcourse soil stones called “dhe-n-k-la”. We would go around teh village fighting until some would come and stop us. Because he wins then I have to win, I win and then he has to and it goes onto various pranks. His father who was the only other brother of my Grandfather was a cook in a far away place. He would come occassionally. One time I had an argument with this grandfather. He was sitting in a dark place about 5-7 meters aways from me. He said he would apply his power on me to subdue me. I said “Ok old chap lets see”. Before he could get up I took a small broom. These brooms are triangular in shape. And this one was all damaged. All that was remaining was a little hay and the wood that goes into it to hold it in place. I threw it right onto him from that distance, like somekind of missile it went really fast and lo-and-behold hit the old chap on his mouth. Two of his teeth came apart. In pain he started becoming wild. I ran off and hid myself. Fortunately my cousin sister and their family were getting back to my town 60 kms away. I just gathered couple of my clothes and sat in the Jeep and went off. By the time he could get hold of me I am on my way laughing and cheering. I would make it a point not to go back soon to the village and only a few years later was in one of my cousin sister’s marriage where I saw him. By that time his shoulder was hanging and he greeted me “come buddy, lets have the lunch”.

So I would have fun in this hay stack with that other chap who is couple years elder than me. He would go into “a papeya pipe” and try to make a flute out of it. That would break. But he would promise that he is an expert I would jeer him up. So he would take up the challenge but fail. His name was “Kuna”.

During one of these days, I was sitting in a class when my  Grandfather asked via a student of his to visit his class. I went up not knowing what. I was not into school yet. Not even enrolled into standard-1. So I was less than 5 years of age. My grandfather was teaching this class where Kuna was a student. And Kuna lived a blcok away from my GrandPa’s house. So basically they were all relatives in the village. My Grandfather asked me “whats moonlight called, whats the word for it”. I was not supposed to know, and its one of the random situations where you don’t know who knows and who does. [My GrandPa might have known that I know, but was it evidenced to others yet, no] I instantly said “Jyotsna”. [this cognates with Japanese: Jojuin garden, known as the “Moon Garden” of Kyomizu dera which I had given a detailed explanation in another article. Infact Jyotsna~jojuin, with j=ts. Also Ind: Jyot is translated as light. but Jap: tsuki is moon, this is cognated with chaki=circle and tsundar=beautiful.  So jojuin=jyotsna=light-moon, light-beauty, in Odia jyotsn would also be written as “jochhana”=jocana=jojana=jojuin]

So upon my answer it was clear to the class what Jyotsna is. My Grandpa then asked me to “give 2 bidhas=fist-blow on the back to Mr Kuna”. But Mr Kuna and I hang in the “khala” . He was a loser with flute and me a jeering fella. When I went close to him, he was sitting about 3 rows from front, he said in my ears “Lulu, do it really soft”. I thought this is my chance to win over you so I said “why?’. He said “it will have consequences in the haystack meaning he would take revenge with his power. He was bigger. But I didn’t care. Whoever leaves such a chance to hit a guy who is so much more powerful than you. And I gave him 2 bidhas.

I will tell you now all the uncanny analysis I have done. But I will take some rest.



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