You got some time? I will tell you something. Does vacuum have time?

Interesting question. I would say NO and then Quantum Mechanics would say “uhmm I am quantum mechanics .. I am almost self consistent with myself but you not with me .. Vacuum can have time“.

Whats vacuum? Lack of matter? OK. How about energy? Ok lets say lack of energy as well. Lack of space? There are two senses to space: I described in some recent articles “nature of our Universe” and “the big bang bubble”, where I described how there could be space as place holder or space as distance/location/place.

In the sense of place-holder or time-holder, space has as such a meaning of an abstraction. In sense of space as place its more concrete. Sometimes we mix up.  In that article: “In nature there are no rooms. There is space. But space is a concept of place-holder [and time-holder as well, time like region anyone? oops space-like region. space-like region is one which is devoid of time] …”

So vacuum is not a space-free idea. There is space [in its abstract and concrete sense] but there is not matter and one can also say classically, hence no energy. Relativity is also a classical-physics idea in the sense of there is nothing “strange” in the nature of Relativity that differentiates it from classical-physics. I explained this in one recent article, written perhaps a few months ago, where I explained if QMech is not found to be strange, say in 300 to 400 years, there would be nothing wrong to call it classical, but not so soon enough. But it could be 2000 years as weell, that time depends on how fast we can solve and simplify all Quantum Mechanical ideas, or can we ever?

[I lost much here what I had written last night, ISP is crazy, I have to produce it from the mind again, I am using my mind as a buffer since a long time now]

So last night if I can recall I was thinking the vacuum constitutes of lack of everything including space, time, matter and energy. But its extent are still defined by space, time, matter, energy. Vacuum is perceived because of this, in other words vacuum has an extent and it affects the nearby space-time-matter-energy filled region. It sucks everything in. How does then a vacuum exist? Its a classic idea of Quantum Mechanics. [classic means somethings thats always observed, a star is a classic object even though you know you can see it only in night you also know why not during day]

So vacuum exists because there is a mixing of its definition with the contrary of its definitions. Mixing is the most profound nature of Quantum Mechanical reality. Uncertainties are justaa  result of that mixing.

Here lack-of-space-matter-time-energy is mixed with availablity-of-space-matter-time-energy. In other words the uncertainties of the lack-of-space-matter-time-energy is an availablity-of-space-matter-time-energy which means the vacuum has although a very small possibility of presence of space, matter, time and energy etc due to the fluctuations in the levels defined by quantum mechanics. A sharp level is a classical-mechanics concept which is a fuzzy-thick-here-thicker-here-thinner-there-yet~thicker~again level in quantum mechanics due to the latter’s uncertainty-due~to-mixing. Consider a ribbon in place of a thread. When these levels are ribbonized space-matter-energy-time appear through such ribbons akin to a Quantum Tunneling of the phase-space.

Hence Quantum Mechanics allows time to constitute vacuum through a tunneling of the phase-space although the amount of such phase-space is small compared to the amount-of-nothing.

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  1. Not really sure what you are trying to say here…
    “You ask “does vacuum have time?”
    We might as well ask “does space have mass?”
    To answer these questions we need to understand how space came into existence in the first place and what prevents matter from collapsing together.
    It is really not such a difficult question, what we see at the macro level reflects what is happening at the micro level as well…

    Potential energy is the invisible substance that holds all matter apart, and yes, it has energy, in fact we can calculate exactly how much energy it has.

    But there is more to it, we can go on and find the anti Universe using little but pure logic.


    1. Your comment ended up in spam. I recovered from there .. usually won’t happen that I would read my spam. Reg. that question, it was asked by someone else, since its his query and I think its a good one, I thought I can elaborate. Since you pick up on a sentence “does vacuum have time?” because I picked up on it and wrote my article, the average answer you will get in the web “go write your own blog”. Here is the danger to your picking up that sentence and giving an answer “we can ask space has time?”. See space and vacuum are not the same, and I elaborated that in this article and gave links to two more where space is elaborated. vacuum is something we observe. Its concrete and its effects are more perceivable than space. But space is used in two senses as I elaborated: as a place-holder or quantity-holder. [so holds time and energy] Its an abstract concept mostly unless used to mean distance. Asking “does space has time in it” is a legitimate question: it will have a similar exposition, one has to define space first. But I think I already gave such an answer as well.

      NO we do not have to know where space came into being to answer everything about space or vacuum. Thats a “clerk’s” way of looking at it. Einstein was a special clerk so I am not willing to agree that every clerk can do good physics. We have to define what we understand by something, eg vacuum and space and be consistent about it with that definition. Thats the purpose of my explaining meaning of space and vacuum. If I will be inconsistent with it a smart fella some where will pick up that. But thats not how it works out there. Most people speak up without even thinking what they are saying. If there is any inconsistency with what I said about vacuum, space or quantum mechanics one could pick them.

      Reg. your statement about potential energy being substance and energy coming out of it, write a blog.


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