The Jews might have completely originated from the idea of Shiba [shiu].

Lets put in perspective.

The Vedic Gods were elemental. eg Agni [Fire]. Vedas as is well accepted predates far more than 2000 years if not 5000. It could be 2500, 2800 or 3700. I don’t know. But all evidences predate them to Julian zero-origin.

What differs the Vedic Gods from Hindu Gods is that they might just have mixed themselves with civilizational arrow. But these elements which are also similar in Greek style, but these may be same/similar because of our current incomplete understanding, not their outstanding value, in other words there might be a civilizational conceptual underpinning same to Greek/Vedic/Hindu schemes. They even might be a primitive scientific understanding of elements which on one way goes towards science and on another its mythification and social assimilation goes towards religion/history/social-customs.

In other words our elements in 2012 are Higgs Boson and gluon and electrons and for each particle or resonance we can’t define a God. A molecule is not a God anymore. We do not have such needs anymore although there is a constant attempt from vicious forces to paint scientific understanding as God’s work.

So with energy and matter’s understanding we had a small number of elements and their respective Gods. eg Indra was sky God. [So Indra is a cutout from tendara, taindara, ayindara, with tai being heat, ten sky and ayin = fire/lightening] But these were perhps later day understanding/assimilation.

From its Vedic energy sources came up later Bishnu as Sun. indomitable [hence aditi which is ajiti, one who can’t be won over] and not in our control but nurtures the Universe hence Bishnu is omnipotent nurturer. [saba-bijya-mana pala-na-karta]

The Sun produces flames/fire which is Shiba [Chinese: shihuo = flame/fire, Indian: shi-kha, Chinese: huo, ya, yan, Japanese: (yan-huo) => enjou = enguo = eguno = aguno = agni, if you look at the j its actually y and not g, but g is used as y/j as in foreign/reign]

Hence you see often temples where shiba and bishnu are placed together because sun and flame are the same, flame being derived from sun.

When we understood that living beings have energy channels in them and matter, this matter was understood to be another element [thanks to religion. ] Budha derives from But/Butsu/Busu which literally means element/matter. [butsu and bustu are same which is why bustu = bastu is used in Indian as matter and in Japanese butsu is used as matter, incidentally butsu-ri is the study of matter hence Physics. Physics is the study of elements, hence one can easily see where the silly concepts of religion really derive.]

One can see the meaning of busu in one way: bu is literally negation/no in Japanese. [also in Indian as in be-dard] su is action. Hence it might mean: not-action hence matter. In other words as obvious as it can be, our ancient generations did understand the difference between matter and energy. Flesh and energy therefore in there mindset. One is abstract and the other concrete. Einstein says its the same thing, abstract and concrete, matter and eneergy, body and action, as long as they are consistently used. Thats unification. Thus Einstein wa inherently a believer of Quantum Mechanics although he denied such. Inherently he was a scientist even if explicitly his friends thought he was a religionist. He didn’t want to give up on his friendship because he has smart ideas. Neither do I. But I am so different from Einstein someday I have to realize I have to give up on my friends.

hindu is ayinju [inju/inzu] “borne/live from Fire/Shiba/Bishnu” anti-thesis: Budha or even Jesus Christ. And I said agni should be written “ayin” [which is also Chinese: yin/yan Odia: nian = fire/flame/Shiba ..]

So the idea is there is no fixed way how various religions might have emanated separately for each of them, but there is only one way how they did. The sparking off of various ideas of human understanding led in one direction to constant discovery of newer and newer element and their interaction but their socio-religious assimilations were only lukewarm and stopped at a selected few which didn’t change over the milenia. They even mixed among each other. So shiu [shiba/shihuo/shiya/shiu etc] became jiu/jew. I am not saying it became so decided in one day. I am saying it was a social assimilation as hinted by linguistic mixing. In other words phonetics and linguistic analysis points to a far better understanding of various religious ideals, one of the fact which you will see starkingly clear in all my articles in this website concerning such a context. The fact jew being related to shiba or shaivaites was something I mentioned a year or so ago. It was the same day I wrote an article giving Physics terminology from international [English] to Indian as far as I remember. One can simply rememmber shi is fire and this is the basis of God-Shiba which literally means from Fire/Flame.

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