What do you see here? 1口。2県。3国。4生。5目。6区 [kuchi, ken, kuni, sei, me, ku]

They mean: 1. mouth, 2. state/province, 3.country, 4. life, 5. vision, 6. district/ward

A mouth [] is also an enclosure. eg a country is to its people an enclosure. country []. You see that this encloses people/life: [生]. Also the [] is placed upside down as it does not matter.

 is ward, a smaller portion of a country than a state. Hence only one open side, as you have to be enclosed within a state. You are less open to the country if you are in a ward than if you are in a state. [to go out of a sate you have to first go through other wards which restricts your freedom, but to go from a state to another state you have less restrictions since there are only less number of states: degrees of freedom is accorded more to a state which then reduces by the time it comes to a ward/village/distt.] The sign within [] is simply a person. [more details can be seek]

Now look at a [ken: state/province] The represents vision hence distance. In terms of distance its smaller than a country, hence: [] this is the kanji for small: chisana, ko, chisatara, sanscrit: kshyudra [which leads to kodomo, kishor etc]. Also see that the mouth/box: [] is now more open, two sides are open. Its more open to a country than a district. All laws pass through state before they go to distt/ward. But all laws do not pass through state’s decision incase country has a sanction even on states. State does not have all freedom/decision that country has.

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