Interesting factoid in kanji, Say GO like GO. #mdashf #kanji3

I found an interesting kanji: 語, go.

It means words/language/spoken etc

語 =口+(音)+口+五

Evidently 語; 言口五,

Is 言; 口音?

In any case;
go = mouth + voice + mouth + go. (or say “go”  = language/words like “go” = 5)

It means voice produced by humans hence language or words etc but its said like Japanese 5 which is again go. So the same kanji tells you what it means and how its said by using another widely used kanji such as go = 5 [ 五 ] ..

This is merely a coincidence that go = language and go = 5, and is denoted like .

Say "go" like "go"

Say “go” like “go”

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