Nobody has yet defined a quality audience factor .. take any post of yours at random at any social media site, add all views, likes, shares, comments etc anything thats available. Scale it to 10. Howto do that? If you have 1000 posts then which of them has highest response? Lets say its got 3K responses, then your scaling factor is 300 (3K/10) .. Now scale every post. So your highest post would be 10. One will be 8. Another will be 0.3, some will be zero. Now add all this. 0*30 + 1*20 + 3*5  + … + 2*10 = 2000. Divide this by total posts so 2K/1000 = 2. Your quality audience factor on a scale of 10 is 2.

You can apply this to a classroom. I have 15 students, there were a total of 30 questions at the end of the class. I answered each of them. One question got 3 responses back and forth and so .. these are all to be added as parameters. The parameters “need be not” interfering. That is there shall be no double counting integer or fraction wise. If a parameter is not well-defined it adds fractions to other parameters (called correlation in statistics)

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