Its often said that India invented zero. It might not necessarily be true much like Newton’s Apple Tree. (or was it Galileo’s? Ok Newton’s. But ..) It might be an underestimation of what Indians knew in ancient times. The grand design with which Indian architecture is made is marvelous examples of geometry. Where all sorts of elements of geometry are found, squares, triangles, curves, pi’s and their rotations the swastikas and by equivalence as I have proved yesterday David’s star.  This attests to India being a  hotbed of mathematical studies. Although it does not necessarily prove we were always great scholar-centric society. I mean all these grand marvelous architecture were also built in every other country (as I say by xama denominations) The India of today was merely formed by uniting various kingdoms and the process is still going. The Kingdoms do not necessarily have allegiance at a spiritual level. This would not matter if they are free and nothing is imposed on them. Cos thats when it would be better a country. But the idea is the different kingdoms had different routes to achieve their goals. And by keeping them free from influences of democracy they were going to tell us in more effective way what the history was actual and whats spurious. So the point where I deviated the hot spot of geometry and mathematics was for sure although we can’t derive any “history of science” mileage out of this since we do not study them all in great detail we merely associate them again to petty political and religious attitude amid brewing intolerance to what does not agree with our bent of view.  But a large number of the populace was involved in world class activities isn’t out of question. So India must have contributed a great deal to world thinking, philopshy, mathematics and what not. In-fact the fact that swastikas are found and pis are a half of swastika geometry attests to Hindu-Greek mixing or unions. eg in many temples of Indian-Hindu origin. (which I have been explaining why these are all not pure Hindu but by phonetics evidence all-religion marvels depending on what religions were assimilated in the time line of history, eg the Greek elements in Shiva temple is visible. The pi’s represent door design. There are two pi’s in a swastika. The pi’s are Greek symbols. So there was Hindu-Greek assimilation since not only when these temples were built but in various xama denominations preceding 1000s of years. A temple is only a peak of a kingdom, but the totality of xama is a world-wide phenomena since even Ma-Ya civilization, which is 7K years its said.)

So Greek pi’s doors are found predominantly in Indian heritage. Perhaps the Caves in Bhubaneswar had them in antiquity. Or were they built recently? The doors in Greek style represent one fact. They are doubled and as many layers were created, represent the strength of the Greek community in the xama, in unspecified specific units. A 2-Pi = a circle = a swastika = a David’s star is 1 person.

I have explained elsewhere why the height and curves of temple represent population strength and composition. (This should be valid for all temples even in MaYa).

This pi is a half a person = 1 triangle = 180 degree. Which is why there are two David’s triangle. When you rotate a David’s star it becomes a circle = two triangles. Thats 1 person = 1 God = Sun. Sun has been considered a God since time immemorial. A circle is a zero in look and in quantity. A 2 pi leaves you gasping but at the same position. Gasping notwithstanding therefore a circle is a zero change in some sense. Here distance. But the ancient people might have realized that a 2 Pi rotation is a zero mass. Since by taking rotations you did not lose substance but energy which is going to be replenished but matter wasn’t destroyed. So zero mass for 2 Pi or circles. A circle is a Sun. A sun is a source for light. Light therefore does not have mass. Light is zero mass as its emanated from a circle. Light are fast moving triangles. Then the ancient people might have understood that one can throw lighter objects faster. That means lightest=zero mass = light from sun travels fastest. But they did not know how fast. Just very fast and fastest. Since They only knew sun is very far away, its not on the other side of forest or mountain or the farthest distance they know. And they see it instantly as soon as it comes up in the morning. And darkness sets in quite fast, the fastest. They just did not have any more evidence or quantity about the speed of light than this. It was taken by Galileo to be infinite in the 16th CE. But much before that the ancients might have known all these facts. Just from Geometry and what they see, such as sun and light, what they experience, vitality and “energy”. But they also calculated things greatly, I mean each measurement in a temple that existed in MaYa civilization wasn’t astounding trigonometry then what? But whats the age of such design. (Was MaYa just a pyramid? is the actual age 7K years? )

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