The scanned diagram appended below is not perfect, so, slightly, captions are cutting on the top edge. But you can read it.


Understood; the David’s triangle and the Swastika fit into a square, which then fits into a circle.

In that way the square gives 50% to the David’s triangle and the other 50% to the Swastika triangles. Reason why they two were created from each other. As all names suggest, each of the names are 50% part David’s and 50% part Swastika. David is 50% part Swastika and Swastika is 50% part David. The angle left from S and D, have to be calculated. And area depends on side of triangle.

Plus one may accommodate this circle at many scales. So there is space left for Buddhism and Science and Nature. Plus there is space in the D+S area also. Since they can be scaled and rotated etc. The triangles and sides and dots, knots define various things. eg triangle defines the size of the kingdom and the height of the temple. The fact there are at-least 2 components of all Hindu temples attests to this.

They represent a small and a large side. They can give you the size of the population (in man, woman ratio, national international ratio, scholar-workman ration etc ) depending on size of these structures.

—- Added Later —-

[above] you will see that due to rotation, mapping, translating etc, the David’s Triangle is exactly same as a Swastika.  I read somewhere that Swastika was (also?) found in Indus Valley Civilization. Also one could study the geometry of earliest Maya (xama) temples to see if these patterned triangles are used. This would simply be the grandest achievement for world history if they can be studied properly.

In-fact see how each of the swastika is also present in the David’s parts/components. The Swastika has 4 hands. This represents few things. 1. 4 hands of your parents, produce your two hands. So, by splitting and pivoting your two hands you produce the Swastika. It has dots, which tells you, where to draw the lines, that automatically gives 50% of total square. And that means 50% space is reserved for David’s.

Then two unequal hands of any triangle (or even equal) can represent Hindu and Jew each. (man and woman, educated and uneducated and so on) Then total area or height of temples, can give you the population composition. Since 1 hand is Jew and another Hindu or say 1 hand women another men, then this way you get the composition.

The triangles can also map the whole city and directions of a kingdom and can be used as a map by suitably studying composition etc from other adjacent kingdoms. One can give national and international composition etc. (see how, more than a year ago I had said a Vishnu or Buddha can be made to lay on a geography and gives the names of region according to how the murti would be known for its various organs.

I am still debating in my head where 12*9 = 108 comes from. I see 6 small triangles and 2 intersecting large triangles in David’s. May be there are 3+3  triangle and square inside the star that are also referred to. That makes it 12 (Judaism). The Hindu side is 4 triangles. So doubling it would give it 8 and 1 error. But already Swastika is equal in area to David’s.

So I am not sure how, since having 9 would make the area more than double compared to David (wouldn’t it?). There are 9 planets in Hinduism, that means 9 dhama probably, although we say 4-dhama; plus its so disheartening to see they do not mention Jagannath Dhama in many references, one of the grandest Dhama in Hinduism, perhaps only political considerations sway our knowledge. So 12*9 = 108.

That means when the mixing occurs there are 108 base gotras(?) cities or dhamas and people, (kingdom) and so on. So totality of arjya might produce 108 dhamas, most of which could be outside today’s India, which is why they think 4 dhamas. May be just 3 here. I don’t know. There might be even more. Also to be noted the 4 dhamas might have been a superficial understanding of the Swastika.

Plus 4 varna (caste or super-layers) might also be not necessarily brahmana-xatriya-vaishya-shudra; some of it seem out-rightly manipulated (like 5 elements was actually 7 elements broken into 3+3+2=5+5)

The vaishya eg is busi-sha = business person, hurriedly made into vaishya.  The actual varna could also be (due to racial/religious mixing) Hindu-Jew-Christian-Islam. Which are all considered to be Arjya splitting into Hindu-Jew and then their mixing splitting into Christ and Islam.  Also see that this way Mount Moriah might be Mount Meru, the latter is considered to be Hindu-center-of-universe.

This way the caste system is far more understood since, for 1000s of years these major religions were present world wide and mixed up. The other major religion is Budhism. B-ism was also mixed to each of them over time line of history. Which is why Morriah=mo-arya=maha-arya etc which also mean ordain of the God because raya is ordain or ruling.

But this might have been considered in various forms. eg in some places it might have been considered merged with the major religion say (of the) Hindu, Jew or Christ .

That means depending on time line of history, there were different layers, sometimes Brahman-Xatriya-..-Xudra=small/low) sometimes other variants of Jew-Christ-Islam-Hindu mixing and assimilated into different classes/divisions. Expansion/proselytization/conversion/re-conversion/assimilation they all occurred synonymous with religious harmony.

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