Joule born in 1818, this day, December 24. happy birthday to him. He made seminal contributions to what we understand about energy today, which is why SI unit of energy is named Joule after him. (In India Joule is a popular name for women: but thats not how James Joule’s name is to be said, in case of James, the last e is silent, because scientists are often silent)

Happy birthday Scientists, James Joule.

Physics Today Excerpts on James Joule Birthday; It’s the birthday of James Joule, who was born in 1818 in Salford, England. Joule was a commercial brewer in Manchester. His work inspired an interest in physics and in the nature of energy. In a series of experiments, he demonstrated the convertibility of kinetic, thermal and electromagnetic energy. The SI energy unit, the joule, is named in his honor.

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