The Feynman's maths for rating cuisine.

Feynman and his beautiful mind was just an amazement of brilliance.

My Understanding of this marvelous insight.

you don’t have to grasp the maths behind something to see what people are calling to be brilliant. (of-course maths can be wrong and that’s where many can focus)

Check this out; D = √2(M+1) – 1

Feynman and Ralph calculated this, they used to go to a restaurant (in Pasadena?) together. They found that if you are to go to a restaurant lets say 10 times (in a month lets say) then how many times you can take an un-rated meal before you try only the best-rated of the meals to be able to claim after the 10 meals “I have always had the meals in a way I have the best-average rating of meals”

( if such rating are available, but you don’t know the rating, and there is only a maximum number of meals available in the eatery, then let that number be N, N numbers of meals you can ever try, each, one time)

you can call that a mathematical arrogance, (N = 10 in this example) Feynman and Ralph say you can take at best D = sqrt (2x(10+1)) – 1 = about 4 un-rated meals and rest of the meals you have to chose with caution, to keep your meal ratings average highest. Since there are 10 meals you can only go to restaurant at most 10 times.

Of-course you can make number of meals 100, then the number of time you can try un-rated or unknown rated meals is correspondingly larger still giving you a biggest possible average of “best rated” foods.

Such a statistical principle is also applicable to seeking brides/grroms. LOL, that’s my idea. How many times you can chose to try the next un-rated bride/groom?

On 2nd thoughts, one can also apply such a formula to any kind of candidate selection as long as the same set of candidate shows up for each evaluation. Its a rating method. eg one can use this to rate the best rating for a pool of politicians also.

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