Being careless in chosing a boyfriend, how much can you afford it !

If you are to chose boy friends, of which there are M in number (with their ratings, but not known to you yet), how many times you are allowed to be careless in choosing them, so that you can still have the best “rated boyfriend” average.

D = √2(M+1) – 1.

[After you have been careless D number of times, your rating average will suffer if you don’t pick a high rate one, in the next choice]

So if you are running through a sample of 7 boy friends, you get a maximum chance of 3, to be careless.

Feynman Algorithm Feynman originally related this probability to ‘rated’ and ‘unrated’ meals.

You can chose girlfriends, books, partners, politicians, any set of PMs and so on, based on this statistical guide and check your average rating.

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