Why Gravity may never be unified with other forces?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 2:54 am UTC + 05:30

I made an integration joke on this day, which I do not have with me, at the moment, I might have lost due to information access issues, on social media. Merely I said; constant of integration, could be zero.

That led to this idea >> (for gravity force) “so the infinite distance means zero force and thats where zero-potential is set .. but other forces are complicated, hence need gauge variations one of the reasons why quantum-gravity is not yet possible ( — its mathematically not possible yet. ) So it seems because zeroness ( or zero variation ) in the functions, (integration yields functions) is a gravitational property and gauge variations ( — hence multitude of functions can describe same thing) it sounds this is the mathematical condition; which prevents the unification of the forces. Because, 3 types of forces allow variation and one type does not. If there is no answer to this, the unification is out for ever. “

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