Can we have only one language for the world?

See the following German words, (… and corresponding Indian words).

You would think Indo-Europian theory of language is valid. But still such a theory might be adhoc and simply a manipulation of what we see in a few instances.

In my years of analysis of words and phonetics (and alternation of elements etc) this is what I observed.

There are two categories.

The first prefers Sanskrit as a language, or even any source.

The second one prefers arbitrary factors, what I call sun theory, it can be called as a Sanskrit hypothesis, that is analysis can lead to matching + unification, but not any particular language. I am for the latter.

Matching; (very few)
Germ; Ungenauigkeit (indeterminacy)    Indi; unginat (in-computable)
Germ; Unsicherheit” (uncertainty)          Indi; unishchayata (uncertainty)
[Eng; character                                      Indi; charitra]

Note; I readjusted “a” with “u” in Indian words because it doesn’t change the phonetics, and is in terms with German.

Neutralizer (sun theory, matching in the meaning of sun; almost all, words)
Germ; wissenschaften (science)      Arbit; visnu+satya

[visnu+satya; or even bisu+anna+satya+anna etc, where bisu as in bisuba = world, anna is fire (agni) but used for that reason as RICE, satya is Sun or Lord or Truth

You think we should work towards a unified language system over the world? And may be call it Sanskrit? I am all for it and actually over the years worked towards it ! But it needs far more labor and serious input.

What it needs?

1. An unified translit rule. That is all languages in the world must use the same alphabet consonants and vowel and same transliteration rules. eg u should always be read as eg ultra, and never eg unified. unified will perhaps become yuni** etc.

Just the rules will be defined so it does not hurt to create something new.

2. An unified phonetics will be used, eg English will no more be written in Roman (which is arbitrary and naked) But it can be written in terms of precise phonetic units (these are already being defined and even used on large scale on Google eg)

3. Once this is available, everything can be analyzed on a computer for matching and elemental unification etc.

Result; we are not creating a new language or anything, simply a good place holder and book keeping and this helps understand all the misleading ideas we have about language.

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