How does the world make money?

Poverty is a problem much more severe than the capitalist exploitation. Its a problem of human morale. Capitalism is also a problem of human morale, but we haven’t reached that vantage yet where we could be intellectually bothered about lack of morality from a person who is rich.

We are only shouting and we are activists. But most of the activists of India are the secret mistress of Alibaba. They are rich, they are intelligent and they are credit hungry for which they have created for themselves an Alibaba incorporation by making an industrialized network.

The economic myopia of India and how it affects our resolve for education

I was taking a little time off and I find that I was thinking more of economy, so it is more like if you trigger your mind to take up on what is brewing inside you may find more than you already said. Quantum Mechanics, you can not completely cut any branch off it’s stem, especially if it belongs to an entity that is governed predominantly by the principles of nature where Quantum Mechanics is the most favoravble candidate and we have known this since about a century, it is called Modern Physics, because it is modernity and the mdoern life styles which always reminds us that our knowledge of the physical world has been greatly connected to the modern lives we are living, we are interested about Laser and NMR not because one takes you to be a winner in a battle and the other takes you to be a winner in a matter of battle against your life. We are interested because they are modern and trendy and they bring in applications as varied as medical science and war politics
… …

Economy is a social and existential transactional reality. And Science is the detailed study of such realities cutting across bounds of nationalities and culture. It is a roller coaster. If it swivels it just reminds us of it’s behavior. Thus economy has a great connection to science. If art and religion can have a connection to science, a mathematical branching of science called economy can also be greatly appealing to how we can understand the implications of science. Economy the way we understand in modern theories and practice is a science. It is not science proper, but one can not separate science proper from science not-proper because in doing so we would declare that science is dead. Medical diagnosis is not really that advanced to separate important branches of one body of knowledge into separate pursuits without killing them both at the same time …

The economic “farsightedness” of USA

The USA could never deal properly with it’s immigrant burden. On one hand the immigrants have their own aspirations and they are the biggest task force that keeps the USA economy from faltering, it keeps the labs and the industry going. These immigrants have their various aspirations which are not necessarily fulfilled. On the other hand the natives and the immigrants both have to take the burden of sustainability. It is a new economic condition of the USA that was brewing since several decades, it only took the skin off the American economy. One can only learn lessons from great turmoils. And the Americans are one of the best people to learn faster. Sometimes they are just too taken up in other’s business.

The fallacy of an international economic principle !

Has there ever been a scientific depression in the United States? I would guess NO. The Americans are individually less hard working, collectively they are vigilant. They believe in one economic practice: “It does not matter what you do inside the country, it can be messy, you can occupy the international market by creating a good international image.”

eg You do not provide good service that you promised, inside the boundary, you apply the same international policies inside the country. This is a fallacy, a sort of myopic economic interest principle the result of which is economic recession. It had to take-over sometime but it does with very early warnings which were neglected.

Prosperity !!!

The situation in India has changed for the better. We can avail what we could not, even 6 years ago. But to what extent.

I think quality and even quantity, remains a daunting concern. I think the question of access and pride in self have been adequately addressed but isn’t successful in achieving what I would or any average enthusiast would call excellent.

I think we fly airplanes everyday and we have swanky airports and malls almost in every rich city of the country, but we suffer from the malice of corruption and education density, so much so that our great strides of prospect have been marginalized by our greed for self accumulation.