God and scientists

The refined meaning of “everything”. (Language, Religion and Philosophy)

Eureka: The power of sun theory of language. The Bi (said as Be) in sanscrit (you can see the beauty of sun theory it immediately reads as sun+script, rotate it it still reads som+sikruta meaning approved by the Lords or approved to be SUN) My discovery was tedious and painful over couple years when I saw light (of sun). Linguistic light is always that of sun. But here is that eureka. The bi (said as be) of sanskruta is often said to mean: anti, without etc. But its real (sun theory origination) is from m/b alternation. Which is why me/ma/maha has alternated to-and-from be/bi(big)/baha/baja etc. They both mean: great (among other things such as Lord, Mother, Father, name f place: baja California eg) for the same reason that they correspond to Sun. (baja, bhaya etc are the phonetic alternation of maha/maga etc and both mean great or SUN)

So bideha does not mean without-body (bi+deha) but it actually means maha+daya (The great mercy, the great rise etc = Sun) which is bideha is a name of place/person etc in accordance with sun-theory as has often been proclaimed by me. (and its here that mahodaya=honorable, budha etc are the words that are created from it)

Expectamus Dominum is same as Jaga Mohan !!

Major reason is sun and stars are represented through these temples which are then the vitality of population. Thats the base philosophy of all these major religion and when mixed produces one God/people/ etc. But it also hides in it a treasure trove of geometric pattern which can be used to illuminate world history. this is the same reason for architecture of other religious traditions. They are all mixed. In the end as I have hypothesized only 20% of world population can be Hindu if there is enough mixing for 1000s of year. (Its possible in as long as it is, I mean there has to be sufficient mixing, which being perhaps bellian curve approaches a quick time say 500 years, we have 7K years.)

Did ancient people know speed of light?

Light is zero mass as its emanated from a circle. Light are fast moving triangles. Then the ancient people might have understood that one can throw lighter objects faster. That means lightest=zero mass = light from sun travels fastest. But they did not know how fast. Just very fast and fastest. Since They only knew sun is very far away, its not on the other side of forest or mountain or the farthest distance they know. And they see it instantly as soon as it comes up in the morning. And darkness sets in quite fast, the fastest. They just did not have any more evidence or quantity about the speed of light than this. It was taken by Galileo to be infinite in the 16th CE. But much before that the ancients might have known all these facts. Just from Geometry and what they see, such as sun and light, what they experience, vitality and “energy”. But they also calculated things greatly, I mean each measurement in a temple that existed in MaYa civilization wasn’t astounding trigonometry then what? But whats the age of such design. (Was MaYa just a pyramid? is the actual age 7K years? )

David’s Triangle and Swastika

The vaishya eg is busi-sha = business person, hurriedly made into vaishya. The actual varna could also be (due to racial/religious mixing) Hindu-Jew-Christian-Islam. Which are all considered to be Arjya splitting into Hindu-Jew and then their mixing splitting into Christ and Islam. Also see that this way Mount Moriah might be Mount Meru, the latter is considered to be Hindu-center-of-universe.

This way the caste system is far more understood since, for 1000s of years these major religions were present world wide and mixed up. The other major religion is Budhism. B-ism was also mixed to each of them over time line of history. Which is why Morriah=mo-arya=maha-arya etc which also mean ordain of the God because raya is ordain or ruling.

But this might have been considered in various forms. eg in some places it might have been considered merged with the major religion say (of the) Hindu, Jew or Christ .
That means depending on time line of history, there were different layers, sometimes Brahman-Xatriya-..-Xudra=small/low) sometimes other variants of Jew-Christ-Islam-Hindu mixing and assimilated into different classes/divisions. Expansion/proselytization/conversion/re-conversion/assimilation they all occurred synonymous with religious harmony.