Eureka: The power of sun theory of language. The Bi (said as Be) in sanscrit; (you can see the beauty of sun theory it immediately reads as sun+script, rotate it it still reads som+sikruta meaning approved by the Lords or approved to be SUN) My discovery was tedious and painful over couple years when I saw light (of sun). Linguistic light is always that of sun. But here is that eureka. The bi (said as be) of sanskruta is often said to mean: anti, without etc. But its real (sun theory origination) is from m/b alternation. Which is why me/ma/maha has alternated to-and-from be/bi(big)/baha/baja etc. They both mean: great (among other things such as Lord, Mother, Father, name of place: baja California eg) for the same reason that they correspond to Sun. (baja, bhaya etc are the phonetic alternation of maha/maga etc and both mean great or SUN)

So bideha does not mean without-body (bi+deha) but it actually means maha+daya (The great mercy, the great rise etc = Sun) which is bideha is a name of place/person etc in accordance with sun-theory as has often been proclaimed by me. (and its here that mahodaya=honorable, budha etc are the words that are created from it)

Note how Bi = Be is phonetically Big (because first of all; g is silently enough i) This tells you why all languages has been unified. But here is the eureka. Bishnu; means mahashin, mahasun, bisun, big-sun etc. How and which language you will see it depends on you, but it literally means the great lord. (big-sun) For those not in the know: Bishnu is the Prime Lord of so called Hinduism (Hinduism as we know today which proclaims to be the originator of all-world religion is actually nothing but a great mixation of all-world philosophy, in time, in places, in philosophies. Bishnu = maha-som, mahasomya and when philosophy is done you can apply it to name a person or a place (and tons of everything else). See how Mohan/Mogan comes from this mahasom which is bishnu and bigsun and migsun etc by the mixing of phonetic elements (infinitely) !! Well known enough therefore Mohan is the name of Krishna or Bishnu etc etc. But every Lord has ever been formulated from the Sun and its properties. This unifies religion basically. (as has been proclaimed much earlier by me than today)

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