how time slows down because we are fast wrt it.


So here is the article “Stephen Hawking Einstein and my ideas” written the 4th of December 2010.

Thinking about time and relativity it just passes my own thinking that Hawking has merely made accessible most of the elegant yet incomprehensible genius of Einstein. But thinking more about this it also occurs to me that Einstein was not thinking in terms in which S. Hawking or anybody explaining his theories was.

Nevertheless Hawkings work is in itself the work of a genius because explaining these not so simple (after all) work of Einstein can only be achieved by a genius of Hawkings caliber. Hawkings clarity, wit and unimaginable access to all the physical ideas of our Universe and comprehensibility is a trademark, a sign of uniqueness.

How much meat Samuel eats?

Its a straightforward question, right? True. We need to keep a tab on Samuel’s dietary intake, count the calories, as simple as that.

What if Samuel lived in 5000 BC, I am not kidding, except perhaps we need to be sure on the name. Its no more a straightforward question nevertheless answerable.

It uses a few steps, which are nonetheless viable given our tremendous and amazing scientific strides. Go home, and make a list, we will perform this task of finding the dietary habits of primitive men and women.

Collect bone samples of primitive inhabitants.
Arrange a mass-spectrometer
Be ready to be amazed, the spectrometer allows to distinguish between elemental mass of samples based on the property of magnetic objects.
Science fact 1; The bone contains two types of nitrogen called isotopes of nitrogen based on their elemental mass composition. One is Nitrogen-15 slightly heavier than the Nitrogen-14. A specified number of Nitrogen-14 would differ by only 1 gm for every 14 gm, if we replace them by same number of nitrogen-15. By eating meat one goes on accumulating the heavier Nitrogen

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