Why. (?) Science needs to be free!!

(With so much problems with the world, that’s the only way science can be done, science takes the path of least action, that’s a definition for freedom, no matter how many degrees of freedom there are for any situation, nature adds up and all paths except the least action path is chosen. The smart politicos declare, No action is also action. They suggest, path of no action is their path of least action or freedom, what a manipulation, who is obstructing their path, they could come up with that revelation and the world citizen will take the politician as a honest representative of people, does that or will that happen)

This is an out of the blue topic, you may promptly recognize so and I agree, with its implications you may continue to learn to think and act in ways in which I do. Chose your own topic. Prepare yourself to see that nothing much has ever been done about it, neither has anything gotten talked about. This is how most of the difficult science ever got done, if this you take as an invitation to give up doing good science I have lost one of my will to share with you why good science need to be done no matter what.

Our world is at anytime dealing with a bunch of problems, most of which were invented before they crippled our own ways. This is only similar to the way microorganisms act out. They may have very insignificant intelligence which when we take for granted we are making a scientific mistake. And a scientific mistake is allowed. It’s only forbidden when that would harm our interests in the first place. And what are scientific interests. I need another article. If I can get back here I will write one.

We may even argue for regular understanding, most of whose basis does not lie in the precinct of world-class science (or any class at all) neither does it bother scientists for their lack of validity (the lack of validity of these swallow understanding). Scientists are experienced enough to see for themselves and if you will, for you and the unwilling gossipmongers. But that’s not always a favorite pastime for me, which I may have a reputation for; I mean the street vendoring for science and its ideas. Truth be told and better be disclosed by me, I do not like to spend time on the street telling people what scientific ideas mean, at least as much as yet, but I have actually done most of it, talking to the average inspired person.

I have surprisingly and pleasantly shocked myself how one of the most unsuspecting elements of our human fraternity, a drunk chap, the more honorable term for him being random walk aficionado, told me while he was completely drunk, he recognized that I am some scientist guy from his observation of me, and he was pleasantly in awe of me and requested me not (please!!) to take dishonor about his observation of my eccentric attributes.

The next moment he comes out with a plethora of praises, in that drunk state, all shocking and interesting to me, how he would expect me to instigate miraculous inventions some of which change our ways of life. He frequently surprised me how he has accurately in that spirited state described most of the ideas that scientists want others to know.

Why alcohol spirits our conscience so much and how this may be the reason why it’s called spirit is something you may have as your favorite spirited discussion, just promise yourselves that you wont hit each other or another person in that spirited heat, unless you have been hit in unprovoked madness.

So some of the ideas about scientists that are pretty obvious to the 9 to 5 (read regular) idiots aren’t quite clear that way to the inspired fools that do recognize themselves as grrrrayt scientists. But its because the ideas are to be met in your head while you come across such experience. The laws of nature play everywhere; merely having the thought in your head because you had, had it, isn’t going to cut much grass. Its like you have something that you have to use every once in a while to prevent it from rust.

So this is what, has crippled our ways, for example, the software bugs, microorganisms, virus, hacking and phising and so on. They have obstructed our enlightened progress much in the same way our healthy body is obstructed by viral interference. Most of these, nay, all of these are created by us intelligent human beings, these software insects, why we call them virus, because, to see them you have to have software medicos with their software microscope, the hackers are trying to tell us, you civilized free world mongers, you didn’t give us employment for various reasons, so we will employ our expertise to cripple your system.

Call them software terrorists or soft terrorists or smart Alecs but they are quite successful in crippling our system, aren’t they. Now you can, NOT reverse such phenomena, so better take a clue that that’s a part of the system. The world definitely finds it comfortable to talk about its problems and that in itself a basis of stepping into finding worthwhile solutions. Scientists are just the torch bearers in such efforts, this in itself an honor, because, why would the world believe you may lead them in a way in which you can meet some of the solutions.

Now you may desert them in the middle because you thought they are pranking or something, but remember they have the torch. OK let’s talk about snatching the torch from them, worthless thugs, well they are the only ones that know how to operate that (metaphoric) torch. We will find another person or invent different strategy. We just can’t tolerate these pranksters. That or you may realize we have reached new paradigms, that world civilization walks its path with promises but reaches destinations that no one could have predicted in hindsight, no one including the torch bearers. But the torchbearers are in any case leaving it to good judgments of the herd. And who gets the most sex. Sex is enjoyable without the light, so it must be the herd, but is that the reason, why most of you fled. May be!!

So the microbes are insignificantly intelligent, so may these smart Alecs, soft terrorists and the politicos be. Most of the political representatives are politicos; they are thriving on the system rather than make to the system any worthwhile contribution.

(agar ek macchar insan  ko hinzda bana sakta hai to hamein itne MP, MLA ki jaroorat hay kya, ye log pura des ko hinzda bana denge )

But look how significant their contribution is (the microbes not the politicos). They worked persistently to fix the world for its resources that are lying unattended, or with so less intelligence do not understand that human beings thrive on a principle of storage on which they want to thrive by stealing such. Lets call the microbes the biological thieves. This was a pretty old ambition I had, to understand the social myth or metaphor as you call it, of the community of inspired idiots to make false analogies of biological processes to social problems. Their joke is Manmohan understands this simple behavior tendency after 1.8 decades, but my joke is those who persist on such malicious jokes about microbes and thieves these are the ultimate forms of a resource wastage. Human beings who do not carry their responsibilities, rather in stealthy ways depend upon others good will, good work, reputation, efforts and such are like microbes themselves. Just an analogy, which I sometime feel compelled to share.

I better tell people what I am thinking or what I am feeling, without that I am not making my contribution towards what is worth while, as I see it, and what’s not. Because no matter what we do we will in some way or other, work by the same principle that the microorganisms are working. We are significantly intelligent because these microorganisms are significantly unintelligent. If that were not so, we would have been out of world line like the famed dinosaurs are. Now believe in evolution theory and Darwin!!

If that were not so our world would be infected by some strange invisible alien microbes, before the one eyed, octopenis alien hovers our skyline, we are struck dead right away, before our analyst Mr Anupam Kher warns us about such, as a deadly anthrax attack, on twitter. So the alien octopenis life structure did not evolve in a way Jesus Christ would have been pretty comfortable with but the male alien is significantly intelligent. Or does that matter, in alien terminology sex does not matter, all our laws will be perverted, not even converted, they don’t find any of our thinking, feeling, instinct or humor as sacrosanct, does intelligence matter, how we see it, in alien terminology that would be perverted.

So why (of yours) and science needs to be free (of mine) as a topic. I am not here explaining why science needs to be free; I am just trying to reason with you it need be, it is a culture enough to find a path of least action, It’s a phenomena actually, so it must follow the most basic law before and after, with and without gravity, the principle of least action. We follow that which occurs to us and it occurs to us because every other choice cancels out. If we calculate the action it’s optimized wrt all other paths that were supposedly available to us. Now don’t equate this to I have become death or some such philosophy. There is physical truth in it.


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