**Multiverse effect is quantum mechanical, has relations to various everyday phenomena we see but never ponder upon, jump to 6th paragraph if you are to read the old discussion of multiverse extracted from a very longish discussion. Or just go through some interesting snippets, an introduction of kind.

para1: This is something I had thought out at-least about 3 years ago and later in 2008, september(?) talked about Uncertainty Principle [click on preceding link], with a longish discussion thread on my webmohan.wordpress blog, as a powerpoint slide and other text discussion [the discusson was from only an year ago]. But explicitly I had mentioned the idea of multiverse, I have at various places, such as on a facebook pictures named “vieleuniversum”: with one of my picture artificially smeared into two by a graphic-converter application on my macintosh, the other example I had given where I didn’t say multiverse, but rather pointed out the effect was a picture which was smeared out: a natural phenomena in this latter case.

para2: Basically I had seriously mastered some quantum mechanics, Schrodinger equations, meaning of WaveParticle duality, expectation values by integration of wavefunction etc in my undergrad honors and later all the advanced bra-ket algebra and scattering etc in my masters degree in India. (and many chapters of Feynman volume 3 all by myself in my BSc, apat from Vol-III I had also touched upon space-time warping, electrodynamics etc, a refreshing deviation from the text-books of the time to form an actual aproach towards Physics) But this smearing of few objects into a lot many “objects” had caught my imagination “na jane from kab”, may be when I was a kid, I would look into blades of the rotating fan and switch on and off the motor to see how from 100(!) blades the fan gradually goes down and stops at 3. If light is falling via the “sky-light” then it makes the case more interesting.

para3: The idea with the pictures getting smeared is the relative motion of the camera and the object whose image is being taken, everything that are in relative motionlessness (wrt the camera) are not smeared. This is a QM phenomena because the time window available for the object in relative motion through it’s velocity makes it’s position relatively uncertain. This happens only for objects with good degree of momentum *such as that of the fan blades*, the position becomes very uncertain or smeared across hence you see an extended object, in classical reality which is not. Try explaining this using any classical mechanics effect you will fail, I challenge you.

para4: I had observed many more optical phenomena with interest. (eg the “din mein tara”… the “star like specs you see when your head is pressurized, I would say these are otpo-electric processes) I had always been fascinated by the humming sound the head (nose/ear?) produces after you are away from a noisy orchestra. For quite long your ear starts humming. This I again felt when I go deaf for an hour, studying at my table and then coming back to life: bbbbbbbnnnnnnnnnnnn. This happens because our delicate organs behave like strings with vibration frequencies.

para5: The 3 blades of fan example is an equivalent of the 24 rims of the bicycle which produces a similar effect if given a rotation like when you see when your bicycle man is fixing it for you, putting a wood to elevate the wheel so he can work at it, by rotating it, In ancient India of the 1980s and 90s many boys and men were dying to play the bicycle men of average looking damsels of the neigbourhood and considered it a luck-candy if some lady’s wheel got punctured. The Amir Khan in the neigbourhood romeo immediately wakes from slumber to fix bicycle wheels. If only the “chain” got loosened it’s a charming job for the romeo because he can fix this immediately, you know the trick-how. When I face this trouble I would look around, as if somebody is coming around to help a beautiful girl? NO I am just checking that nobody is around to see what I am doing, then hideously pick a little wood-piece and put it under the chain and gradually rotate the pedal, that has made me a jerk, you have to do things for your-self.

para6: Multi Verse as such isn’t excluded by quantum mechanics. A very basic effect you might have noticed is fuzziness, if you swiftly move an object in a matter of a short time and take its picture you will see that its smeared across multiple spaces even if the object in classical reality is not as extended.

That is telling us a lot about the actual reality of our world. The way objects of reality exist they exist as waves, that is extended phenomena, not necessarily localized mass objects called particles. We only need to have enough facilities to observe such. When the camera shutter closes, it gives a very small time period during which the wave nature of a particle object is visible.

[note that in our regular world still we do not see all the fun things qmech has in store for us, such as the smearing of objects, either you saw the fan or wheel and remembered this is what it is doing or you are lucky to take a picture and see that after 15 yours of your learning Qmech this can actually be explained. Unfortunately in our text books only complicated examples are filled]

Similar things can be said about our Universe as a whole. We observe it to be a 3 Dimensional space and one dimensional time object. That means our Universe can actually be observed through a very small time period during which its various other extensions smeared out into multiple existence will be visible. What we observe is a classical Universe.

But what actually exists is a superposition of many Universes with various likelihoods, just like the fuzzy smearing of the object in motion, all the “100” blades of the fan with it’s likelihood added gives rise to a fan with 3 blades when the likelihoods are visibly clear. The fan comes to rest at your will but the universe does not. You can produce a fuzzy picture of your hand or the rim of a bicycle wheel or a fan that’s moving slowly so even with naked eye you see more than 3 blades when in classical reality there are actually 3, when the fan stops.

In reality, which is a superset of classical reality, the Universe exists as multiple extensions of one classical reality, the 4 dimensional Universe that we know. Classical reality is an approximation in various ways such as small velocity or small relative motion causing essential rest so that time window does not come into picture, the time window is basically a measurement artifact and the uncertainty relation is the window of nature, ie, nature is fitted with this window and we are looking at nature from outside and we have figured out that this (in)equation is valid for nature. The time window is an uncertainty in time which is important only when you have some relative motion, without which you are observing a classical object. Our classical universe is there-fore a superposition of many modes of vibration of an underlying super-reality which are various splittings of the classical reality when the time window is in picture, that is there are realtive motion, and the relative motion causes smearing.

As an answer to one of the questions of a reader (I will link the main article here: CLICK left );
SO our Universe is a superposition of many Universes and what possibly these string theorists are saying is, a graviton as we would measure in our part of the Universe is much weaker in its mass, that is, energy, than the other components of this graviton present in other superposition modes of the Universe.

One thought

  1. If total energy of the universe is zero, then it can be shown that multiverse theory cannot be true. This is because total energy being zero, total mass will also be zero due to mass-energy equivalence. Scientists have shown that anything having mass will always occupy some space. So anything that fails to occupy any space cannot have any mass. Our universe perhaps fails to occupy any space, and that is why its mass is zero. But if multiverse theory is true, then our universe will definitely occupy some space within the multiverse, and thus in that case its mass cannot be zero. But as this mass is zero, therefore multiverse theory cannot be true.
    Here it may be argued that radiation occupies space but its mass is zero. So here is an example that something occupying space can still be without mass. So our universe can also be without mass even if it occupies some space within the multiverse. In reply we will say that the example cited here is a bad example, because our universe is not any kind of radiation. So if it is without mass, then that can only be due to its not occupying any space, and not due to its being some sort of radiation.
    However, if total energy of the universe cannot be taken to be zero, then the conclusion drawn here will not stand.


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