Can’t believe how much of Chinese and Japanese were stolen by the imperialists simply by subverting the Romanized formula. Each day I do some research for 10 minutes I run into couple words here and there that are evidently originally Chinese and/or Japanese [most Japanese words would simply or complicatedly one way or other derive from Chinese]

look at Hindi shar, shir [head] and Japanese kashira [head] Chinese shou may be the origin. How was Sanscrit formulated then? Its an artificial method which uses scientific formula and then delineates [twists] the formula and claims them to be Sanscrit. eg shou and tou are both valid usage in Chinese for head. Since s and t often found together in the alphabet of Chinese or Japanese style words [matsuri=festival eg] as the letter tsu is defined. [such could be a precursor to having letters like s and t and place them together, English has been elaborately derived from Chinese/Japanese, words like ikou, seme and zhen simply go into English: ego, shame and genuine] So we see that shou and tou can be accommodated into one word stou which can be added [conjugated into] ma and we have mastou, matha, mastiska etc. This is just one formula. eg there is ksh = x formula. Much of Indian language was in modern times formulated on the basis of such formulaic stealing of Chinese and Japanese language [perhaps other Asiatic languages as well] Then these constructs were later called Sanscrit and huge deal of myth was generated in various ways to hide/cover such action of stealing. My favorite example is “Budhism”. Neither was Budha born in India or Buddhism spread from here to other parts of Asia. It originated in China and spread elsewhere to: Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Korea … Any other forms of civilization, culture, language that might have pre-existed or inherited after Budhism came to India got mixed up over the millenia and thats what we see today. eg I have one analysis article where I surmised from linguistic analysis that Bishnu and Budha are the same. It matches with the idea that Bishnu simply means without-body [hence incarnations] and Budha is also rendered a bodily form perhaps only later. In Japanese bu, fu, pu, mu, nu they all denote “Not, no” which is also evidently the origin of English: not, no, nay etc. This is also origin of particle [joshi: ni, na, ne in Japanese and ne, nu etc in Indian] So Bishnu was Busu = without-body God . [Bu is without, shu is Lord/God, both in Japanese] Busu, Butsu, Buta, Hotoke etc are words for Budha in Japanese. Budha is a Romanized heavy-accent to satisfy Indian tone. The imperialists stole everything in name of India. In other words by pleasing the Indian mind for their identity needs the theives that imperialists were they hid such facts through such mythification. They originally enhanced the English language by stealing Chinese etc [may not have been stealing in the beginning but simply buffering and outsourcing through a  much touted internationalism, then by taking over the obtained facts and documents and forcibly distributing them into different countries the west satisfied its ego driven culture guardians. One of the most important discovery I made a few days ago which satisfies such line of thinking is the 7-element rather than the 5-element Greek-Indian scheme and 5-element Chinese scheme. Its originally Chinese 7-element which was divided into 3+3+2 separate elements then one 3+2 was called Greek and by copying Indian scheme. The other was 3+2 was called Chinese scheme. This means 5 elements were stolen from Chinese system. The Chinese 7 system is amply evidenced in Japanese culture, eg 7 layered Pagoda. Also this analysis is remarkable: 七+名=死, which says shichi+mei = shi,  7 + name = death. Once a person has met its 7 [七] elements [person = name 名] its death. death is shi which goes into Indian words: shesh. But note the mouth [square on 名] is missing in 死 because no more the person’s namesake will be in use. This shichi = 7 is the origin of words shiven, shipat [seven English and sapta Indian]. Also you will find in words which denote natural elements, eg hana 花 and abura 脂.  [flower and fat]

The origin of the word “nemesis” [death] is here na-mei+shi {mei=名, shi=} = lit. end of name [death of namesake, death of something, harm, extinction] Japanese: mei, namae, na etc denote name. Infact “name” also derives here.

Originally the plan was to study deeply the interconnectedness as there were ancient mixing or same language forms from different Asiatic language. Then stealing became a practice and any connection were mythified by inventing various ploys such as Sanscrit … Once you mythify you can say Oh Chinese originated from sanscrit so its actually Chinese and Japanese that originated from Indian languages. Then how-come we have 20 languages? They were all created by such mythification. One letter in a modern language is subjected to 15 vowels then you have 15 languages right away. Then you realize some languages are close copies of each other. So you have 20 languages. whose actual base is Prakrit and Pali. But then those original languages were sidelined with a political agenda otherwise one has to provide evidence. But with sancrit one does not have to provide any evidence. One just says it was there. Not easy to argue about Sanscrit when the whole country will rally and thats the evidence. To support such claims the imperialists have vast machineries which produces myth at mind blowing rate, including the biggest lie Budhism originated in India and spread elsewhere. Evidence of the story of Gautama Budha? It will go into a vicious chain of stack of internet knowledge and Romanized scriptures. Whatif Budhism actually originated in China and like everything else eg language and civilization spread in all directions? Not very much in line with our nationalistic agendas. Anyway you can write 100 words that Hindi stole from Chinese-Japanese and 100 words that English stole from Chinese-Japanese and write a book. Actually it would run into a million if one deeply studies all the formula that were used to do the stealing.

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