I am fed up with Godly debates about the Higgs Boson. There are two things about the ongoing Higgs Boson being a God particle debate.

1. immensity of science.

2. immensity of religion and theology.

The issues have cut across both. In prior occasions it was number 2, immensity of religion which was somewhat central rather than the immensity of science. It was about exploitation of theological sensitivity to grab credit. People are instantly sensitized when God is pronounced, especially when scientists do so. These scientists are of so many kinds but put into one bracket. This involves ones that you mostly see on media and they aren’t necessarily active. Scientists like Krauss, Green, Sean Carroll or Matt Strangler are perhaps both kinds, active and on the media.  Kaku is a renowned scientist who has vastly popularized science. But here comes a deadly blow to science often. Because history of science or science itself has to be immensely active and dynamic and be based on valid philosophy to have their impact taken to the layman. Science popularizers have often committed grave mistake. Or mostly, in underdeveloped communities of science they have blindfoldedly exploited such scenario. The moment there is a science news there is instant popularizers that pop up into lime light. Higgs Boson, OPERA anomaly and LHC apocalypse they all saw that. SO much so that my own views towards science has taken 30 degree rotations. Before that I was a world class scientist. And that means I bother only about the positive aspects of science. I only bother about what boosts my career. But in the last 5 years this has changed drastically, in my psyche. I have tried to know at-least some aspects of how things are affecting the general people’s view towards it. And needless to say I have often been feeling helpless that there is so much misunderstanding which are rather cooked often. And this is no one man’s job to make sure that this does not happen. What is rather imminent is to look at it all from a  new point of view and ordain a deal of inspired insight into matters. This is where immensity of science is another block. One needs to be technically suave.

Most people fail this way or that way and we often do not have well prepared science to be communicated to the public. Of-course there are exceptions and there is much positive impact. But the negativity are often sticky and corrupting.

SO looking at the whole thing from this perspective and I have a very few times expressed this myself, popularization of science is often mired in trouble for science and it makes things more popular because the public is not necessarily a great judge of science. This creates bad impression for good scientists and good impression for bad scientists.

But thats just the way it is and most of us know how to sit back and sigh. Once in a while though it becomes imminent that we write. If you write regularly or frequently if not regularly there is some deal of expectation from people that read or discuss you. I often get messages from various people I have never met with some questions on science or Physics. I find it exciting needless to say each time I have got an opportunity  to say something.

The point in making is I am not to savvy about what Big Bang is wrt what inflatons are or what exactly happened in the 1st 3 minutes. [What happened in the 1st 3 minutes? Well I wasn’t paying attention. Phhhrr thats what Universe was. It wasn’t paying attention in the 1st 3 minutes when it was getting blown] Of-course its all an ambition to read this or that. And I can certainly make an opinion, being a particle physicist myself, that the idea that Higgs Boson has triggered or caused Big Bang is over the board. And you know what happens when you put many baggage over the board. They start falling and we are in a  chaos, more so than when we simply put as many bags as there is a place for. And in that sense what Kaku said was bullish. If Higgs would cause this then any particle would. Simply because Big Bang is a not a result of a property called mass, or who wields mass onto others. Its a much more fundamental problem of Physics than just an ability to solve a particular gauge. Of-course they are all interconnected and there is no detail that is being talked. One of those times when we were merely trying to push a news. I could never do it too much. My stamina is very low for talking and I reserve it for something that I can say more about. Funny Matt calls something Kaku Boson. I might as well call it Cock Brahma. They are both theological words.

All names, people’s names and place names and object names are theological names. All names. Take Boson, Its Voh-jan or Voh-Zion or something. God sounds too peculiar because we use it everyday. But one can say teh G the j way and we have jod/yod particle which sounds more like “you are the particle. ” So that does not sound so much more theological except you is a pronoun of lets say a noun John and thats gain theological. the is like ta or tha. “tha particle” is again theological  tha, koda, God are the same. They mean shadow or protection.

Thats how things have been formulated since many 1000 years. Nothing to be surprised. Everyday the 1000s of words yo speak, read or think are almost all of them theological in origin. Language is theological. Society is theological. Like it or not. The word papa is theological. What you gonna do about it? Here is more of scientific devices that are theological. Telescope is Taya shiva. Its Ta Yeshup. Tele vision is Tsiyo voh zion. Each of them, you can count 100 words and I will give why they are theological. This is a practice since 1000s of years. When science came there were a slight concession to the scientific thinking, but we still use the same theological system. Thats because the very few alphabets that we had say 3K years ago they were connected to people and people were connected to the vitalities and forces of nature that drove people’s living and thinking. That became theology despite of the fact that science was always there. Every word and letter split, alternated, mixed and reunited just like religions and societies did to produce the complex system of today. Unless we take every name to mean a scientific properties and completely define it the theological elements are visible. We need to produce a bar-code from every name. But the names that we will “sue” sometimes aren’t necessarily scientific names. They will be theological. The letters that we use for periodic table when they mix back they will look like Godistic names. When they alternate and add they do look like. H2O will look like Htwoo which will look like Ta Ba = Tsi-yo= Shi-va. In some machine rendering they will because they are shear coincidence. And society exploits coincidences and resemblances like a Puppu’s butt.

The idea is to give the idea. And Kaku might not have done a fabulous job here. But in the past the debate was blown overhead. I mean there simply is no fault with Leon Lederman. He is an immensity of science and not of religion. Lets not give him less credence than a Templeton quack or a Fundamental science prize winner. Scientists are from scientific passion and not from money or God passion. But there is coincidence. Weinberg had said “Every scientist faces difficulties with language” . Language is theological. Tuft Gerald had said “Language is a social construction“. And The Scientist always faces difficulty from what society is. Its not his fault what society is like. He still has to make a living. But to exploit such conditions is stealing. And I think Kaku over spoke but not trying to steal anything here. Lets keep the community sane.

Do you know Higgs itself will sound like Ag and Ai-Yis etc which are completely God names.

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