A question a day !! (series) Q1

1. Which of the following best describes the
most widely accepted theory of the solar
system’s evolution?

A. A small star grew as it consumed
comets, eventually becoming large
enough to ignite fusion reactions
and attract planetary bodies.

B. A star existing within the Milky
Way Galaxy pulled in comets and
interstellar dust traveling through
its gravitational field.

C. The remnant elements of the
explosion of a massive star
coalesced, forming planets that
circled the hydrogen core of the
exploded star.

D. A spinning cloud of interstellar
dust and gas shrank under the force
of gravity, producing a central star
and revolving planetesimals.

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1 reply

  1. D is the common answer, the collapsing nebular cloud.
    C is actually correct if an “iron” core or other metals were assumed to be the initial core for the reformed sun instead of hydrogen.


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