The following picture is why its called a dogged determination.

Under such a situation only dogs would care. This is also a reason why half human-population can go hungry (cos they would not care to stretch or bend over backwards to get the food?) .

That also proves why there are no God(s). What did you think in your poverty? That, there is God, we will have food and shelter (all by itself?), only we have to tolerate today. Did that ever happen? If God created you — and me, ( — certainly not me though) and he could not tolerate your pain, because you are hungry, he would descend and there would be no malnutrition, no poverty, no shortage of your livelihood, no hunger killings (or even honor killings), no war, no stealing other’s foods (my food were often stolen in dorms), no stealing other’s resources, no lying raped and brutally lynched and gasping for mercy. See how many things God never cared to care for !!

Its all because we have led to believe ourselves; away from our reality. Lets look at the dog now, he (clearly he, not sexist, look at the picture again) knows, howsoever slim, he has got a chance. He has no God, but only a master, and its the master, who is trying to trick him, else the master would already have lost a chunk of his flesh.

Who is more logical and smarter now, the Dog or we? In a competition between us and the Dog, the Dog would win any day. And thats the reason Dog is spelled God backwards. Its antithesis to the concept of someone caring enough for us that we would go without hassles, which is what a dogged determination is. No I am not trying to manipulate anything here, just came across a picture and the thoughts just rushed, so I thought let me see, what I am thinking.

12. Food is always on my mind. I will always find a way.

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