Mandela and Feynman were born the same year. 1918. But while Feynman passed away in 1988, Mandela this year, it gives Mandela 25 more years to live (about 95 years old, Mandela). Thats a nearly 25% difference. What makes such wide disparity in how long people live?

On afterthoughts, (from this) statistics is a way of hiding our ignorance by allowing more and more attributes into a particular question, to the level our ignorance is no more useless. Thats the difference between science and religion: statistics. Statistics is the difference between science and religion. Religion brushes everything with one broom. Science needs various sizes for various tasks. In the end there is a difference even if its not so visible.

White man leaning on Black man, exactly the kind of behavior we want between people. Interracial mumbo-jumbo. Don’t take offense. I searched for tons of photographs of Mandela, but this one I liked.
“I was born not knowing
and have had only a little
time to change that here
and there.”
Richard Feynman
A bas relief from the courtyard of Dabney House at Caltech.
Students changed the name from Galileo to Feynman on the central figure
when Richard Feynman won the 1965 Nobel Prize for Physics.
YEAH RIGHT, thats science !!
There is such a thing as “True Religion” branded jeans. Searched among tons, found this one only as interesting logo for religion.

The only thing I am leaving for you to search is statistics, do a Google image search. Well let me do that for you as-well. tum bhi kya yad karoge.

Shocking Statistics of Pregnancies end in Abortion
The most interesting statistics example, isn’t it?

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