About one and half years or so, ago, when I was doing language analysis (still, started more than 3 yrs ago perhaps) I pronounced (first in fb) that myth (the Eng world) is phonetically mythya (translit: mithya) which means falsity. (in one of my article).

Devdutt, A prominent mythologist (although he is perhaps one who sets apart on proving the good effect of myth, I am perhaps opposite at times, if not always) wrote one book myth = mithya. (I did not and still do not know his work) But he wrote the book in 2006. Back them although I would try to understand and analyze (a favorite pastime since childhood) words, I never pronounced such. Just came across it so linking you there.

(one lady by name of Sudha had interacted shortly on one my mythology based article, saying my idea are really interesting, she is an expert who wrote books, but that was many years ago, on blogger)

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