Simple sentences of Japanese !!

Nihongo no benkyou koto ga i ka?

Is my Japanese learning fine?

Lets see how much I can read from following sentences written in Hiragana/kanji. The [] parts.

But first why shinbashi is written as shimbashi in English, in the image? emmu ga nihongo de arimasen nee. ennu. wakaru?

1. ichi no wa, hitotsu no ga (the first one)
kinou ha yama ga miemashitaga, kyou ha miemasen
Yesterday could see the mountain, today could not.

2. futatsu no ga (ni no wa?) the 2nd
wainnu ha nomimasuga, biiru ha nomimasen
Can drink wine, can’t drink beer

3. san no ha (mitsu no ga) the 3rd
kyoutou ha ikimasuga, osaka ha ikimasen
kyoutou (kyoto) can go, osaka can’t go.

4. yon no ha (the 4th)
hiragana ga yasashii ga, kanji ha muzukashii desu.
hiragana is easy, kanji can be difficult.

hiragana (eg ましたが = ma-shi-ta-ga)
kanji (eg 今日 = kon-hi = kyou, 見=mi = to see )

Status of my learning Japanese !!

5. go kai no (the 5th) go no ha
みんなの日本語 = mi-n-na-no nihon-go = everyone’s Japanese Language
~は  ~が、~は 文型(sentence pattern)
-a basic pattern use to make a contrast sentence.

1 [ 昨日は山が見えましたが、今日は見えません。
Yesterday we could see mountains but not today. ]

2 [ ワインは飲みますが、ビールは飲みません。
I drink wine but not beer. ]

3 [ 京都へは行きますが、大阪へは行きません。
I will go to Kyoto, but not to Osaka. ]

4 [ ひらがなはやさしいが、かんじはむずかしいです。
The hiragana characters are easy, but kanji are difficult. ]


5. [ みんなの日本語 ] II 初級

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