This article has roughly 3 parts: And among them, are not connected by what they purport to convey. But they came in a flow, so, I just categorized them separately. Please be warned that they merely “warm up” to access what is deeply bothering me at any level. The intention with which this website began, in its various phases, beginning with 2007, which is when I set out to write and put this as the inspiration, not in exactly these words, “I shall pen down, what bothers me enough“.

The exact words were “I pen down my thoughts when I want to figure out what torments me“. That were not the exact words, so I have to give up, since, I have perhaps deleted those words, from its original website. But then so far so good, let me stop from figuring an exactness in a volition of thoughts, into an undefined alleys of void and reality. !!scroll down to bottom for more info, and see how much I actually remember!!

Part (1). How and why I wake up at 3 am and what inspires me enough; to write something.

Part (2). Are scientists doing a better job in criticizing non-science affairs when they are not doing so much of criticizing  “what they ought to be doing”, as is their inspirational task towards the world; the concepts and history of science.

Part (3). Why we have been making utterly erroneous remarks about basics of gravity, whats history of science to be careful of?

Part (1)

If you are interested in reading this, long: 4283 worded article, I hope you will find something interesting somewhere.

Its about 3.45 AM here. Since last couple of days, perhaps, its my fait horloge, that I am keeping about 2.30 am to 3 am, in waking up. Its not strange, just sets in, depending on the moduli of changes; from previous days and nights. I would be slightly and feebly, gradually awakening, but there would be a sharp time; when the body will just jump off. (Yes, I am a hop-on-hop-off to my bed jurisdiction, when in US I keep my shoes, when in Japan I keep my mind, and in India I keep my dignity intact, lest they will be taken off.)

One of the nicest things for a writer would be, to have, apart from enough follower, which now I believe I have, only I am coming back after my own hiatus of 4 months, just recently; a serene solitude, of darkness or day-light notwithstanding, a persistent supply of juice — sugar free better ye? and coffee and condiments ( laugh all you may … ) and, the most important; UN-quivering stance that an ISP can take, to hold you with a herculean will, go on master, I am syndicating all along, between you and the “hello world”.

In a word, its all out there. An orange which my ma keeps almost every-night ( given to availability ), lest a banana or two ( — the apple is not too cool, small and immature, like I was last year )  and a Milton full of at-most 3 cups of tea and ISP from BSNL ( Bap Se Na Le, has come of age, quite sturdy now, thumbs up guys ) they have often taken me to the task of preparedness towards my job.

But the real point I wanted to make, is, how, you can be connected to the world, so anytime its that you are prepared with a fresh mind, and your mind gets fresher by the week, if you are good, that; you know and act with more fervor, you can do something inspirational; read, write, think, or share, what others have been doing in such tumultuous trying times. ( — lets trap that semantic quantum here, ttt; tumultuous trying time )

I woke up, and I read something.

Face-book has made this easier than most other media, although you shall agree, if you have been writing stuff, its kind of more demanding; the face book audience, but once you have gotten there, they are also quite good as an audience. After all its hard-pressed time for everyone, and there are so many interesting things people want to discuss, less so the esoteric; which babbles the scientist folks.

Although again, factually enough, face-book hasn’t been kind enough, not my fault, in my defense, because other media have been quite awesome in a smaller time, and there are at-least 50 articles, that they have responded with quite fervor. Stumble Upon and Word-Press and sheer Google-Searching have been far more empathizing with my shared content, over larger periods of time, than not, eg, 6-months to 1-year or more time than that.

One thing though, in recent times, face-book has changed its stance toward me, and I have made my face-book page quite more appealing and revamped  and clutter-freed the contents. ( — I am no more in my personal face-book account, abolished that by an act of policy, but the fb page, just linked, is alive — )

But, there is something with the face-book personal interface, people simply want to use it as an email+twitter. Each to their own, we still have to go another few years perhaps, if we are to see that, its not an user side privilege to keep every function on a webpage; to where they belong. Perhaps the plan from face-book side would be premium vs nomads. So, we have to learn to wait. Couple years ago a social plugin was available that pulls out our posts from social media and makes a website of its own, I didn’t see that plugin anymore, if any premium quality plugin is available with a  great service, pointers would be welcome.

So, before going onto taking quite some night-time rest, yesterday, I had come across some really inspiring video of how scientists in India could be making a difference. Quite so, though, dime -a- dozen, “science making a difference” isn’t a mainstream science inspiration yet. This is perhaps at the back of my mind; to set on to write on this. After all it can be counted as an advocacy for a better day in our promising future, rather than any kind of ” I know what you always want to do“.

( if you are not averse to slight terse words or cribbing ). Anyway you hardly know, but I am not here for the coin to be tossed, I am here to also do justice (what a bragging) to larger cross section of my readers more so, that are more interactive than the occasional “hey, how you doing, you suck“. My readership is one of the best in the online world, there you go, I said it, each well written article gets at-least 500 views, and that’s before my *.org days.

The point is, to appreciate the reader feedback, and not get glue-struck; by some one who is totally out of the loop. Again, A readership is a very important part, and the stamps are quite clear. Of-course its an online world and; goofs know their trick. But, so do we know, just that mdashfoundation as a name, some would take an offense with, why one man work is a foundation?

That’s because, one has to be seriously, a proponent of the mission of this website, and most people would happily devote time to read its content, and in the past there has been interest from my side; to invite from serious young-to-old members, to be part of this mission. But again, someone else better does that, simply because, again, even such a naive sounding expansion, is really not naive and my efforts at it will only increase some problems.

Perhaps the website is still reviewing its most important articles, and that’s an intermittent process. But in any case stay tuned, and enjoy if you do.

(Recently someone told me on telephone “We would look at your positive points, not so much on your short-comings”, like I have any negative points except making this joke, a wink goes here, here are my short-comings, some people are saying “shot back and blasting off” in my defense, in such situations, there are killings else where, I am just keeping mostly cool and dandy, lol. Just word play right? What am I a writer or a personal investigator? BOTH. ” )

So here is what triggered me to sit back. Orange, ISP, solitude and syndication with the hello world. And, believe it or not, I am good, I am really good. I just stepped out side and the Milton Guy says I have something to offer. The tea is also there. So I am really good. (as opposed I am screwed) And thank you all again, family, society, syndicated hello world, my well wishers and the garbled up self seeking paranoia in its quantum. Let me pour some for mine.

Part (2)

The Indian science and academic affairs, while a subject that many would not like to take up in a personal manner, I have done at times, and far back into the origination days of this website, and website’s predecessors. Not everything had to be that hide under a loin type. But the days and years were, different and; if I felt like saying it I did.

I suspect this would be a thing some people would disagree, he was always known to be like that, but my idea: whats your problems with that? Are we afraid, or are we insensitive or are we medieval that; if one person says it everyone else has to to take an offense? So lets just disclose, many closely kept secrets and see. In science they sometimes call it ricking the boat, a new and good enough result will rock the boat of science so we shall not take it up.

What we shall take up? Lets say, a bogus report as that won’t rock the boat. I would think its a sham and we are then not on a science boat, so much, anymore.

We shall disclose, with caution of correctness and not caution of sequences of what falls and what remains, eg our own invalid and illusion driven conundrums might wear off and that’s always a good thing to do, remember Weinberg; Science is corrosive to religious ideals and that’s a good thing. Why shall then we be that much more, not corrosive to the dogmas we uphold in name of science?

But in the past when the education or academic affairs of India based articles were written they were one of their kind, now if we judge them after reading them a few times, they might not look as something, even I would like to write. But those were the days when I would spend more time in the bus, so when I can get a little time, I would go immediately writing my mind up, the privilege of writing with a Milton and all the other stuff; weren’t that available.

(That means if I am at home, which I did most of the years in upholding this website, I wouldn’t get night time tea, at-most 12 pm, that’s it, then you are on your own, lad. Why do you think I made so many sarcastic comments and n* jokes on twitter? I even did mathematical analysis at midnight and later and would go after this, for bird watching, at 6-8 am, then somewhere down the line, at 10-11 am, sleep off, well hop-on-hop-off part-on)

But my point is, also the “terse articles if any” will be reviewed, which is why they are sitting out there, waiting for me (or you? ) to be taken stalk of again; with a rejuvenated and revitalized vigor than not.

And one of the ideas with which this website started, as a blog site if any older readers are out there, to attest to this, was to just write so that my mind is uncluttered from the thoughtsI write from the torments of my thoughts” was the line, in 2007-2010, and sitting there, perhaps I removed recently.

(I said what I wrote, those lines, twice in this article, because, it occurred to me again, in the flow of thought, what the exact lines might be, If I were to be a totally “as the world expects to be” kindaa person, I am out of here and everywhere, and I am done, I will just run off, like ex-lovers run away when they cross path into what they have ran off from, all their life.)

When I could not know whats going on, because there was just so much, the mind is occupied with, what is it that bothered me? That was the motivation, to write, irrespective of how terse something might get, and figure. So again, these articles will be reviewed and undesirable stuff will either be edited or explained, purged or made humor of, self defecating humor.

Either way in such a paradigm, perhaps one might not expect a “viral, waiting to alter the world” kind of intelligence. But such viral tendency, are often formulaic and dull, because they are sponsored. Like this fat or not. If you applaud this point of mine, I know I have gotten my right readership, I am an iconoclast, I am a fierce anathema, to the taste of authority. Even such happened, a month ago. “I am not here to toast your bread” is my personality in one line, I am just trying to be cute by trying to project otherwise. Negative Reinforcement.

So here is why to grow above all. I have made that observation, at times, subjected to wide reading or not, since I am also widely “known” to be political-cataclysm proponent.  (And I am not, I just wish; we take a better stalk of what things are than not)

At-least that’s how those who would read my posts on face-book might think. (An apprehension at best.) But I have also said quite openly, I am far more a believer, and not just in India, but no harm done if we focus on India; scientists criticize society but not their own acts, as vehemently as they should, perhaps because, they are fearful of their careers?

I mean its fine and all, to criticize Sachin Tendulkar, Madhuri Dixit, CNR Rao, or any public figure for that matter, and okay; not many science public figures. But thats precisely the point. Do we only have to focus on something thats making so much noise, that our voice, in favor or against it; shall be taken due and wide note of? I think thats the often not talked about malice; of us scientists or academicians. We do not like to make a point of ethics or state -of- affairs, all by itself. We only criticize or opine on whats already known, whats already taken a due note; by a large sponsored media and so on.

Part (3)

Not just onto politics or sports but also about anything in science; that has been widely thrown off. How about taking a clue on; how we are propagating wrong facts in terms of history and popularization of science? Talking about it, both widely known incidents of historical account about Newton’s apple and Galileo’s apple ** were perhaps totally made-up?

I mean that’s the reason we didn’t even wait to make Galileo’s orange and Newton’s apple. Was Newton one BFI to say apple fall because of gravity? “You” are that BFI. (And you say: no I am not. I say; that “you” was a figurative one, for the ones; that are propagating such a myth)

Nothing falls due to gravity, they fall faster due to gravity, they would still fall.

Did Newton not know the concept of Galilean Relativity or did he not know; acceleration due to gravity?

You” gotta be kidding me, and you have been and the world; has been taking it for granted, such spurious-knowledge.

So, we have to first of all grow above such a misogynistic syndrome before, as scientists and academicians we criticize political or cultural excesses. Of-course I am not taking away anyone’s rights, I am only saying, we would be hypocrites, if we forget our own excesses, in criticism of others. We have to grow above all, not just failings of others.

I think, that’s one of  the biggest malice, that has blindfolded Indian Academics for so long, ( — like the proverbial Newton’s Apple, and thanks to Shreyansh, not Nehru’s Apple) that; we do not see our own failings. We mix-up; God with Higgs Particles, we mix up; Politics with Science, we mix up; Professionalism with Popular Cynicism, and what not.

How many scientist’s life and work we have prepared, in India, while they are still living? I just watched one today, forwarded by Pratik, linked above. Then how can we blame the west; west does not take note of our scientists or their works, I think we again have an answer for this; we criticize, when some big sponsored media takes up this cause. In that euphoria and massive fervor only; we talk about whats right and whats wrong.

We have never really uplifted ourselves, up from this malice, made into our psyche, for generations and perhaps centuries, and we FAIL.

Its then time, to ask ourselves, what we have done, than take a nugget, from a massive sponsored media and mix everything with their contrary malice. Two malice will not make into one inspiration.

Time to grow above all. And lets not mix the old and young, either, young could be far far superior also, in their making and psyche. We have all, gotta learn from the young.

AA                    — —           !          — —           !              — —          !           — —                    AA

** Here is a swift addendum to make matters slightly clearer, before “you”, by my tendency to keep things short, get yourself into hot water of erroneous misappropriations.

Its widely known that Newton’s is the apple and Galileo is the leaning tower of Pisa. ( — and not an apple or orange as I suggested above — )

Its also widely studied across the internet, lest I would not know; internet is where we first come across the fallacies of most of our notions.

I have linked above, the Eureka Stories, much of which shall be revisited by our generations; to make a better grasp of the epistemology that emanates from the stories.

The linked article from is, one of the most enlightening articles, I have read so far, in connection to the 3 eureka in human history: Archimedes, Galileo, Newton. The Galileo story isn’t told here, but here: Galileo Pisa Experiment. But, I already have my insights regarding this.

Our failing has been how we have been telling gravity as a story, for generations. It has to do with us, than those 3 genius of human history. If eureka is a story, may be Archimedes is also a story, may be Jesus Christ also. But certainly Galileo and Newton are not myth; but real people. This may be the reason why we say Modern Physics begins with Galileo. I am not saying Archimedes is surely myth, he might as well be a real character, but the stories the way they have been passed for generations, read the linked articles, have been missing something, how stories are told and whats the underlying content, as it has carried into our generation.

So the Archimedes Eureka may not have enough basis, neither does Galileo’s or Newton’s, they all sound like spoofs only if we are to make the underlying content secondary or even unimportant. So its not really the stories, and as said in the articles, in case of Newton, the story only got better with re-telling, in his own life time. That was unfortunate about Archimedes that the story didn’t get better in life of Archimedes, while he was still alive, and in case of Galileo, as nicely explained in the other linked article from UH.EDU, by an extrapolation of logic.

So, all in all, the stories are right, just how they are told and to what degree and nature the underlying content gets assimilated in the psyche of the popular science is; what needs to be taken care of. The Archimedes eg explained the force of buoyancy in no uncertain terms and “total” mathematical preparedness. So whether or not he said eureka and to whom, are secondary eg compared to whether or not he had a miraculous moment of insight.

If such insightful moment is to be captured by the term eureka, there is certainly no harm done to the underlying content, as long as the content is justified.

So I will leave Archimedes alone, because his content was about buoyancy, here, while certainly directly related to gravity, as a reactionary force?

But I will focus briefly on Galileo and Newton, on this.

Whats missing from how these stories are retold is the subject matter of Gravity. Gravity is a central and inverse-square law force. There we go. These are the most, we are to remember, from their understanding; from Galileo and Newton’s days.

A central force is whats miraculously enough, realized by Newton, to be captured; by an apple falling on his head. He takes this up, and works out laboriously; to figure the exact inverse square form of the force of gravity. His question in the form of an instant insight to be called as Newton Apple Eureka, if we find such alluring enough as a terminology, is to see; why the apple was falling perpendicular, rather than eg sideways or upwards. ( — the middle line in the following kanji is perpendicular, but there are other lines: 本)

That much said, would take away the invigorating amount of baloney that can be heaped on this story; as something that may be termed as historical falsity. Anything falling, perpendicular enough, to earth surface, is therefore, being attracted by the center of earth, hence a visual and natural phenomena of “central force“.

What then Galileo did with his Pisa Tower Experiment, and linked, is the situation: (1) two objects with differing mass falling under gravity. (2). one object falling under a gravity situation vs no gravity situation.

This is where all the confusion would have cropped; to term Galileo’s Pisa Eureka as historical falsity.

But it was not.

What Galileo realized was (1) between two objects one heavier and one not so, both given to any kind of slight difference, such as air friction or nervous favoritism*, would fall, at an equal rate to the earth’s surface. Hence two objects fall at equal rate contrary to Archimedes Proposition; that, heavier would fall faster.

* Nervous Favoritism is explained in the linked article, of Galileo’s Pisa Experiment.

So Galileo refined Archimedes theory of gravity, after about almost 2 milenia (or slightly lesser), just the same way, Newton refined Galileo’s ( — and Newton refined another Aristotle Formal Principle, for the first time after it was formulated — ) and just the same way Einstein supported by Mach’s Principle ( — and also Ethereal Relativism — ) refined the work of Newton to give us a better Theory of Gravity.

Now that the two objects fall equally fast under Gravity, its the reason behind a widely propagated misconstruction of Physical Concept: Objects fall under gravity.

What we conveniently forget is what I just parenthesized as “Ethereal Relativism“. Before Einstein’s work, the ether was taken to be something that gives motion a sense of absoluteness. Ether was the absolute measure or reference of motion, therefore all motion seemed to be known as absolute. But its widely silent that Galileo and Newton worked in a frame-work of Physics or laws of nature where a frame of reference keeps motion relative, and not absolute: a concept known as Galilean Relativity.

In other words, if there is an object falling under gravity, in telling our story, we almost forgot that, there can also be a situation where, the relative motion of the falling object, can be studied; with or without the gravity acting on the object. In other words, still, the central question is to ask; did this single object fall faster or slower w.r.t. a situation when there is no gravity? Was it known or not,  to Galileo, that, this object can be tested; to be falling faster in presence of the gravity causing object.

As we know today: Gravity causes objects to fall faster, it does not cause them to fall in the first place, between heavier and lighter objects it does not make any one of them to fall faster than the other and this is a force of central attraction to the proportion of; strength being as higher as the square of separation is, less.

( — Also comes with this realization, the primary and 2ndary gravitational masses would raise the strength of the force, strength being a specific definition in Physics, the magnitude of force.)

Any less spoken of gravity, will make you know less; than what Galileo or Newton knew. So, the statement that “Things fall due to gravity” is fundamentally erroneous and totally incorrect. Under no situation; gravity has been known to make things fall. ( — unless you miss the part before ; — )

Gravity only made them fall in a certain way than not (本) and that knowledge of how, it makes things to fall, was known by parts *, over the millennia, through works of trials and errors and experiment and deep insightful work, to which we mostly know, Galileo and Newton had such insights, perhaps, by the incidents of how things fell. Archimedes, perhaps, was anonymous in this regard.

* Physics is a problem of integration (by parts) different parts being solved under different aegis, different millennia, began with “anonymous” !

Said this much, any other debate, as to, the apple fell on his head or not or what exactly he would have said to a compatriot are interesting but not as central to the underlying content which is the primary goal of any story telling. If not, we are not telling a story of science, we are telling a story of something else.

AA                    — —           !          — —           !              — —          !           — —                    AA

I checked back, and I haven’t deleted the lines from this blogger profile page.

!!! “Treason of Reason”. I try to find out the reasons of my discomfort and I try to pen down a few thoughts. That’s how I have started writing blogs… !!!

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