Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 6:29 am UTC + 05:30

shared Japan Culture Agency Inc. (JCA)’s photo.

from here (the missing-picture) I can read about 10 kanjis without consulting anywhere .. and recognize the meaning of each one here because I knew them previously (about 20 and includes the radicals)? This leaves only 4/5 maximum  of kanjis I see, that I did not recognize.

年、皿、訁、 百、心、(志 ?) 大、小、示、家、宀、广、皿月、二十、 禾、七、艹、神

year, (?), voice/word, 100, heart, journal, big, small, house, ceiling, wall/cliff, ?+flesh/month, 20, tree, 7, grass/plant, Deity.

Note that it will take some explanations of what exactly I understood and what not, last year, since knowledge kind of grows on plants, last years coconut are gone, tree is longer etc. eg I realize ? as plate or container now, but it congruent with: blood, 血, but not same. (its plate, although I thought container)

I could not believe, I saw these kanjis, a year ago, in an internet session like this, of today, when I exclaimed Eureka, that original picture isn’t available from JCA‘s FB page, perhaps as I am not logging into FB, the original picture might have a privacy setting. They have tons of pictures and notes, from which I like to learn about Japan. But since that picture isn’t there, here is one, thats relevant to my spirit of Japan, that I am sharing here. I passed by Narita Town so many times, I have a spiritual attachment, while moving to Narita International Airport, this place might have come, so perhaps “I am looking back in time”, in the only way possible to time-travel, I have proclaimed and pronounced at times.

It reminds me every-time, I saw this picture, which is basically 10 minutes in last 1 year, I know this place, from out of my bus window.

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