Soon India will launch its navigation satellite on October 10. Its the 3rd of the 7 that India will set on voyage above Indian Nation’s geo-spatial surface, all of which will be set to function in their orbit by next year. India has taken its strides into space.

“This will provide terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation accurately and help disaster management, vehicle tracking and fleet management, mobile phone tracking, mapping of terrain as well as air and sea navigation.”

Despite of the fact that theoretically we have better than mm range accuracy in gravitational effects, (earth’s Schwarzschild Radii is 3 mm = 0.3 cm) it has (like other international carriers and not just India’s) a 20 meter spatial accuracy. That means the thieves will get a 20 meter window by which to flaunt the cop’s 3rd eye.

But what worries me more is why there is a 2 cm error between the best geodetic system (WGS 84, used by GPS system and latest revision in 2004) and center of earth? Thats 20 mm, an order of magnitude above best theoretical possibilities, and another order of magnitude higher when the satellites are in orbit. (20 m = 200 m) .

The best technologies are still 100 times worse than theoretical predictions. O’course bringing that to 10% of that (1 meter accuracy ) would be one of the greatest steps of humanity in terms of sci and tech.

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