Higgs: When they introduce new scalar fields [new gauge] the symmetry of electroweak forces are broken. That is, NO MORE electromagnetic and weak forces are but the same force. In that case the scalar fields show up as energy with masses of the particles. This is quite easy to understand. The 4-vectors always have scalar components separated from the vector components. Hence introducing scalar f…ields [potentials] is same as introducing new energy/mass. In many 4-vectors there are explicit mass terms. So very simple: you introduce a gauge breaking potential/energy/mass and say we “get” it as well. This mass is then an additional property of all participating particles and Higgs is the name of this mass. [always invariant mass occurs as scalar component of 4-vectors] The whole idea was then to check if experiment confirms this. Higgslike has been confirmed. [Higgs needs more properties eg no spin]

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