Whats the evidence of sun theory of Language I have been blabbering about? Take C(26,2) that is any combination of any two letters on 26 Roman letters which will be Combinatorial(26,2) and find a word that has the consecutive-letter-pair in any order in that word. eg rofltofl proves lt, fl etc. If you can do this for Combinatorial(26,2) pairs and be choosy, don’t call rofltofl a valid word but anchovy is since you make sense of anchovy, you will have proved the sun theory or xama theory of language, which says all the language in the world reduces to any two letters, then any 1 letter and therefore no letter. Language was created from nothing, like Universe was, and every language is a mix of every other.

Thats mathematics applied to language which makes you available an infinite pattern-element space therefore unification is a beautiful mathematical scheme of logic and evidences from where you can literally draw all evidences as need be, if you get the spirit behind the method of unification. {spirit: philosphy, concepts, patterns, evidences etc}

But here is the basic phonetics/symbolics idea that gives credence to the unification. In-fact you can dig more details into any thing and if you look at the elements you will have found the evidences that you are looking for if you are;

You can see that all 26 letters of Roman alphabet {capitals} can be recognized to be derived from the swastika/manji {and therefore also cross and David’s triangles and so on, les keep to simple and fundamental symbols rather than more advanced and derived symbols such as Ashoka Chakra}. I checked and confirmed in 2 minutes. All symbolics in the world including Kanji are derived this way. {by flipping, splitting, uniting etc} These symbols swatsika, manji etc are derived by looking at sun to be a circle or square an then arcs.

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