badly struck by flu. but a quick query from the friend sees this. Thought of telling you guys too.

Query:  “In the search for intelligent life SETI should limit its search to star systems 100 light years or less?”

Response: In search of anything there should not be preconceived limits imposed a priori considering them important one way or the other?

query: “I would not be surprised if we are being visited from star systems within 100 years or less – I would however be amazed if the #exceeded say 1000 light years”

see thats about breaking of speed barrier by their physical movement. But no harm in knowing if they exist, irrespective of they can reach us or not.

Query: “Light barrier can’t be broken, How do they get here synch, Simple”

response: it can’t be as far as we know

query: “They colonized”

response: they may not get here, buts thats the idea, do they exist, do they send signals?

query: “Dash I want u to know something”

response: OK, I must go. I really wished I could be alive to talk this interesting extra-life. yes please, quick

query: “That object I saw wasn’t from around here don’t forget that now sleep”

whoa. you are an alien. OK bye for now.

query: “I had someone check with local air traffic control it didn’t come up on their radar – I forget the band they use however they are able to see out 27 miles”

response: OK, we had that. Now let me throw myself back into a small piece of comfort called blanket.

query: “I gave exact time and location I’m only two miles from an international airport

response: alright alright I hear ya’ info boy. But we will talk next time I am alive, I promise.

Query: “The band used @ airport is called S Band frequency range 2-4 GHz wavelength range 7.5 – 15 cm”

response: I did S-band research for Flyby anomaly, its the lowest frequency band , very interesting

query: “I see – there is also L Band for long range air traffic control 1-2 GHz frequency range & 15-30 cm wavelength range”

response: Ok so L is smaller band than S, 2 years down the line that research, did slip off.

query: “Larger wave length smallest thing it could spot a back pack”

response: hmm, will you sack me now?

query: “Why??”

response: what why? it could.

query: “Last thing when u get better check out Phased Array Radar”

response: OK, I bull. bye bye now

query: “Hope you get better D, Bye D” response: thenk you

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