Arrange them in the order of popularity on face-book.

Arrange them in the order of popularity on face-book.

Yo Yo Honey Singh. Tommy Hilfiger Brand, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Sunidhi Chauhan.

Yo Yo (8.2 million) >> more than >> Tommy (7.6 million) >> more than >> Amitabh (6.4 million) >> more than >> Sunidhi (5.8 million) >> more than >> shahrukh (5.0 million)

1. It proves people can be more famous than brands. People can be brands.

2. Musicians can be more famous than actors. (musicians and actors of same culture has been compared )

If Bachchan and Khan hear this they will definitely spend 1 million dollar to get another 5 million popularity.  ;)

While on this topic of popularity of public figures

It seems Johnny Depp is the most popular figure on face-book so far (in my knowledge of people) 16 million, followed by musician Johnny Cash 11.4 million followed by Indian movie actor Salman Khan (10.3 million) !! Name your child Johnny. He will be popular.

In-fact Depp’s wiki page is liked by 19 million alone.

and look what I got.

Michael Jackson’s popularity currency on face-book is 66 million, thats 10 times as popular than Einstein on face-book.

Just proves musicians are far too wildly popular than actors or scientists !!

whoa !! Shakira is even more popular than Michael Jackson on face-book. 73 million. That proves  if the musician is a lady she is going to be even more popular.

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