This article has few parts, they can be listed into part I, part II, part III.

Part I; the background and status of the author, doesn’t have any direct bearing of the content of the article, which is a Science Communication, as was executed by author, 1.5 years ago, you might wanna skip part-I, if you are not interested about social media phenomena, but it has a nice haiku I wrote this morning, on birds.

Part II; the actual science communication, as was made, by author, with only typo or cosmetic semantics or sentence structure correction. Why human eyes are sensitive to only visible light?

Part III; Foot Notes and Notification; regarding joining mdashf as team-members.

Part I 

Originally Discussed, on face book, a year and half ago, when I was quite involved in some science discussion, then I faced criticism a few times, I am always talking, it seems I better be out from a place which does not respect the inspiration with which I am telling some stuff is not selling them, anything, less of myself, but sharing some new found ideas, which all are not as refined as they will be when a lot is worked out. But it reminds the attitude we face everyday, they only want to celebrate, even tragedy, but perhaps not an inspiration, she will die young, leaving the hubby, to marry necessity. **

Most social media sites are now behaving like total free labor driven commercial dream-liners.

They will take you places as seems the dream, or is it illusion? But we might end up only in self seeking paranoia and hurting a lot of people who care for us and also totally drained out for any happy bearing on our life’s vital actions. I faced quite awesome welcome in some social media (eg here in word-press in mdashf’s early days, a little more than two years ago and at stumble-upon for a good 6 months or more) although I am not so active, personally, I have never had to ask anyone to syndicate my articles, the articles got popular support just by their own nature, which is over ruling, even any thoughtless criticism on quality.

You can’t have too many spurious agenda in a place where some people want to simply share. Unless sharing is hideous in anyway, eg whats majority idea of it? Lets go by that. It becomes a replica of the world, from which no one can escape, but certainly we can close our windows and doors and enjoy our blanket warmth, you know, I have never been quite sorrowful soul ever, even if the agony aunt in me might wanna point me like that. So I deactivated my fb account. I also deleted my E.Avenue account, it was total free labor driven goodies, good if it works out for someone, I am going to spend my 5 hours for keeping a score intact, in doing something totally useful. I do not even log into scores of sites of my profile, such as kred, or klout, I simply can’t but I would once in a while and not 5 hrs a day. Simple thing, I will log in once in a while, or delete, if not with my resolution, of this year; study and write (and therefore think, which needs unbridled quality time than social coaxing).

Last years new year resolution, take more pictures and study, worked out perfectly, although the camera of 5 years died, when the last 3 months of the year (2013, she just left us) are best for such pictures around my house, for tons of colorful creatures flock and even keep on knocking my glass window, and I see them through it, I say buddy, I can only write a haiku for you now. Today morning I wrote this. (How about opening a school or a research organization in this marvelous scenic hilly-billy back ground? Needs Money, everything else will just fall in place, I think so.)   


窓 の 鳩

恋 の 手紙 と

毎日 火

(mado no hato, koi no tegami, mainichi ka)

Bird on my window (knocking) Letters of love? Or Fire every day !!

So I am only streamlining my online presence, by deactivating mostly (social sites which are) personal time demanding activities, so it can be used towards the prime aim: mdashf. In that policy therefore, the Facebook Page; iphmdf is active, my actions are not against the spirit of social media phenomena or its members or their personal proclivities but simple consciousness about quality personal time, so that, a quality professional out put can be ordained from there. Please visit the above FB page therefore and support the mdashf mission, in bringing a prospect towards its involvement with; science, research and social fore-bearings of same, in ways that hasn’t been tried unconventionally, by being in the action and telling more about it. The FB page has been assigned to a team member as also any other interfaces of mdashf on web they would like to, although its only a preliminary attempt. Also, here is a notification from mdashf in that regard: (scroll below, copied verbatim); ***.

Part II;

Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 1:35 am UTC + 05:30

Manmohan Dash shared Shrey Ansh’s status update.

from a discussion, Manmohan’s Verbatim Answer; Why human eyes are sensitive to only visible light?

Why Human Eyes Are Sensitive To Only Visible Light“. These processes are arbitrary, which is somewhat more technically referred as “contingency”. Its not just for the case of vision that this arbitrariness is present, but all forms of biological properties. eg A conch shell is spiral in a certain way and this is only specific to the snail-likes. Fur is different for different animals. Arms and limbs are different for different animals. This is because of such arbitrariness which are present in 100s of different ways depending on exactly how a life form develops. ( — We are all describing this on general terms, here in this discussion).

Technically, adaptation has to do with exposure. One has to be exposed to the kind of situation one is borne in. Human beings are not borne deep down, on the ocean bed, but on ground with optimum temperature and other life conditions. So, there has to be optimal amount of heat present. Human Beings can’t survive huge temperatures. But many animals can, so they are exposed more harshly to Infra Red (IR) etc. Its the whole body which evolves and then different parts might evolve differently. [w.r.t. different thermodynamic and other life defining conditions]

Just a wild guess: may be some animals were borne [created by contingent chances] very close to volcanic eruption, eg snakes, which is why they could be sensitive to IR type of vision. etc etc. On planet earth, optical light comes only from Sun, (in its profusion, can turn off the sun during night or moon some nights and its total darkness). This sun-light in optical radiation window is extremely intense in visible spectrum but with IR spectrum its intense only during summer. This  intensity going from one place on planet earth to another can vary between say 10% – 60% during a year. That means the likelihood of birth can be reduced by that factor towards IR exposure, if it were to come from sun but not from volcanoes. The actual condition on earth might have been quite quite different, which (all of above, and not just the sentence) means human beings might have been borne far away from IR generating sources. …

Note: This answer received a lot of public opinion from the members that took part in the discussion and the thread of Shrey was quite lengthy, those were better days of discussing something, since it did not involve much premonitions about anything. But I do not have a copy of the thread. I don’t see him now a days speaking much about such fundamental science queries. But his questions did incite a lot of mine and other people’s interests. (My website has perhaps 1 or 2 articles initiated by his queries) 

**foot-note “necessity is the mother of invention”. I thought last night, as I was totally ill, by body pain and head ache, and didn’t do much except weeping in pain, “what if, invention is actually a baby of inspiration as inspiration died quite young and necessity was the only aya available in the neighborhood to take care of these baby inventions. The father was totally taken to be abusive, towards society’s tastes and high handed dealing with everything, so the poor guy doesn’t often show up. He loved inspiration, in a total spell of Romance, then inspiration after bearing the pain of invention, died young. The abusive father married, necessity and its necessity which now communicates with society and the father mostly thinks of more romance and more babies.”

*** notification from #mdashf 

Also +Invariance Publishing House#mdashf at is looking for admins (page managers and contributors, editors)

A suitable candidacy would be acquaintance with online etiquette, online risks, responsible syndication, the willingness and qualification to comply with internal #mdashf aspirations and science/research/managerial/executive demeanor and content curating ability. Its not a paid position but at the moment calls for intense and passionate involvement in promoting the selective contents of the website, if you have some online free time (say couple hours a day) an intention to professionally communicate between other team members. ( — At present about 5 other team members have either accepted or in the process of intimating this invitation.)

You will be given admin tasks at Facebook Page, g+ page and main website at depending on the requirements and your choice. It will be a fabulous experience for working towards an international science communication enterprise. At Present about 75 K members in the last 1.5 years have supported this venture in various ways and left their explicit stamp of involvement or endorsement of the foundations works. Be a part of this marvelous organization.

Please forward a 1-2 page resume, CV detailing only relevant experience and recent employment. A freelancing involvement with immense passion for quality conscious readership and communication, is a MUST. Science background is not mandatory if curating online content, editing, publishing, writing experience in any creative communication has been accomplished.

Best wishes,

Manmohan, Founder, #mdashf ; MDashFoundation

PS: Please maintain discreteness in sharing this info, pass this to anyone interested.

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