In the evening I was a bit cranky. I have often realized when I take a bit rest in some times, the crankiness goes away. In other words, our biological facility must remain in its vital juice cushion, to be able to function with optimal and desired level of smoothness. So far so good, lately I have the privilege to take rest anytime of the day if I realize I need it. I am gradually learning better to train myself to switch myself off, than, go up a notch, the level of crankiness. Fortunately works out and better than worrying.

My niece was screaming a lot. She is very small, and she is kind of attention craving. If she needs it, something, she must scream. In such situations if I am yards away, I feel terrible. But when I go closer to her, the scream is not as irritating. Its smooth and works like charm. I blame the dissipation in the air. Today I decided to fall back, so asked my mother to keep the door shut, so I can. And I skipped my meal. So now that its tons of hour, 2.30 am now, I am yet to have my dinner, still writing this. I am not very hungry right now, although I shall eat. When I get up, I usually like to focus, for what good though, much independence in my sleeve, it looks. But thats when I can concentrate and do something appropriate.

Right when I fell back, to sleep, I noticed in a while, a kanji occurred to me. So I recognize, the kanji, its the kanji for, ” tsuki or nikuzuki “, in its verbal Japanese rendition. Actually tsuki, gatsu, getsu each of them mean month or moon. (as in Asia a lunar calender was prevalent, month is moon) also note that such meanings are 2ndary and tertiary meanings, from my analysis of Language, the primary is always Sun, phonetically and otherwise. So all these 3 phonetic compounds are denoted by one kanji: . (I might also have visualized, , which is different. I will explain if necessary.) Note that, the getsu is also used in the sense of only Monday, as its beginning of a week, or perhaps a lunar month?

(Although I am from Asia, in modern times we all use the Julian Calender, lunar months etc are a mere tradition, and interesting, but far less precise in a heliocentric system, also note how heliocentrism is primary, hence lunar system is derived and serves no good purpose, anymore, but thats what we were doing, so its filled in literature and story books and our split-psyche-personae.)

The other use of 月 is called nikuzuki (where zuki is a verbal matching of tsuki, hence month or moon). niku is meat in Japanese, hence its used in the sense of body parts, flesh etc. One kanji will in general have various verbal, phonetic, hence meaning alternations. Apart from that I don’t want to focus on the 2nd meaning of this kanji, bodily parts, etc.

But the moon, its visualization through the kanji, called tsuki, is what caught my imagination, when I was trying to rest, among other things. Which is when we know, we shall sleep, we are thinking about more than 1 stuff. Wonder why Deve Gowda was sleeping all the time in Parliament? He was thinking about more than one stuff. Why MMS doesn’t talk so much? It will lead him to think many stuff at once and he will crave to sleep.

So while asleep I was thinking. (don’t be surprised, while asleep, last week I thought Quran and Puran, are the same origin, but when awake I see paranoia and pragna also add to that list. So the wisdom of fear is what Quran and Puran are.)

I was thinking how the lower part of this kanji , is from this kanji  or this . The first is called chikara which means power or strength. The 2nd, derived from chikara, is called katana , which means cutter or knife etc.

(Agility, dynamism and masculinity etc, see how I found therefore, 力,  in , which means man or male. The latter , comes by merging: strength   and sun , the power of the sun are what male are usually, woman’s kanji , called onna, jou-sei, dan-sei or jo=jiyo=jou=jiyou, they all mean ladies or feminine, comes from other reasoning, it comes from how people 人 who bond together are women, =  女 )

So, while asleep, it occurred to me, , is 力 + .  (the reason where, see or look/view/vision 見  is different is both  and , which are different from  and , also note, male 男  and moon/month  would have looked same, with slight maladjustment, but the central part is they come from same elements, thats unification, plus when elements change slightly; eg  and , the 2ndary and tertiary meaning changes, and what we have is, )

So, when I woke up some other thoughts were running in my head. See Deve Gowda sleeps, MMS is quiet, but I on the other hand increase my problems by sleeping. Thats when I started out writing citizen scientist. But now the thoughts again went inactive. This is what I would call “Control of the quantum”. I have usually said two things: Torment of the Quantum and Torment of the Infinity, they have both bothered me a lot. Quantum, infinity and zero are related? Yes, but only zero does not occur so much, in a tormentor way. infinity is 1/zero and zero = 1/infinity, but when the zero is significant hence develops or evolves; it becomes quantum. These 3 are mathematical concepts, but finding a quantum or an infinite size, are physical. Zero is obviously a break. Some people claim they have seen it all, and ascribe their creations to someone they elect, I don’t believe.

So I will write that citizen scientist thing if it does occur to me, again. After-all there is something called priority.

I often write my title and forget to change it, But I really did not intend to mislead.

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