sitting here on my desk, a self-procreated office locus, on a rainy and lightening midnight what can I do?

My love for physical isn’t too much a secret. I try very hard to transcend that to Physics. And without much self-organization I can not weave the scattered threads. So I will just pick randomly on a topic and give it a go. I choose the importance of vision and say “what direction is particle physics going?”.

I glow when I interact, with people, so when they come up with a query I hit the green button. I bring my intuition to powerplay and choose like throwing a dice. I use my deep base of thoughts to come up with what I have already thought regarding these problems hurled at me. And this is exciting because I am “not?” ignorant what the question will be and I am not sure what the answers will be. I take recourse to minimal searches and often my word’s meanings lest it be bastardized. A very effective approach when I am on quality internet. It works basically and I go to rest with the earned “interesting“.

But now I can not feel like opening all the scattered discussions I have had lately and make an elegant article. In any case they do not necessarily produce a coherent topic. They just need to be extracted from wherever they are lying and edited a little and put on the blog. But here I will try my horizon again.

What is the state of particle physics? Well. Particle physics has been living in paradize since it was made a darling of Physicists. It has never seen a dead-end, never seen a depression, always thrown exciting new paradigms (sectors of study) and branched out into ever more exciting knowledge base. It has hardly ever owned a negative epithet except perhaps “Oh Physicists!!” or “scientists are arrogant self-believers“, occassionally a “lol” too.

But talk 1940s when in line with its major Physical base Quantum Mechanics was being developed, or talk 1950s when problems of beta-decay and weak-interactions and cosmic rays and meson experiments were being studied or talk 1960s when QED and quarks were being tested and hypothesized in the nascent stage or 1970s when unification was the show stealer or 1980s when we were devloping the standard model or 1990s when top quark was discovered or 2000s when I was studying particle physics courses or neutrino oscillation was experimentally accepted or Higgs searches gave a null result or LHC was being commissioned or tons of experiments are being commisioned or developed to search for darkmatter, to study beta-reactions or to validate the CKM matrix phases and amplitudes of which I have been a very proud participant in one prominent experiment it has never been a dull time for particle physics.

Given that Physics wise, engineering and technology wise and science wise particle physics develops on an “expansive regime” much like computer science resides on a moore’s law, I see a plenty of exciting time ahead. There is always light at the end of the tunnel for particle physics. Governments can nod off Superconducting colliders, popular opinion can rate biology and medicine research, lobbying can call the particle physicists “anonymous clan” BUT we are an united front that rivals the Nazis. The Nazis believed in prosecution we belive in data-analysis. The theoretical particle physicists believe in unification and the experimentalists believe in monte-carlo and particle IDs. The phenomenologists believe in posters in conferences in the most beautiful places around the world.

But we have been working towards one goal since the 1940s. If we are to understand nature we have to understand the unity in diversity of various known and predicted processes. And we have always come out triumphant in one way or the other. We have believed that nuclear reactions occur because of simple energy conservation rules and from there we have predicted particles that actually existed in nature. Talk anti-particle or talk neutrinos. We have believed that matter is further and further divisible until it gives a clear signature of what it constitutes, and we have always devised ways to identify and detect all these. As a theoretical ideal we have unified our understanding and its a brilliant piece of compilation called a Particle Data Book. It gets updated every two years, and I or you can take a reference and make a brilliant article about the properties of various processes or constituent particles that will immediately find a place in the most modern text-book.

In short we (particle physicists) mean business. Sometimes we work like Ninjas but most of the time we publicize our pictures on facebook and twitter.

We pro-generate envy.

I can be loose like that because it is my blog space. But we can also mean professional competence. There are a plenty of blog sites in the world today that are sources of informative studies about particle physics. It only creates a professional value and has tremendous informative and educative input for the young scientists (young guns?) and for the much accomplished veterans of science who want to create an exciting scientific presentation.

In Physics, particle physics rules the roost. I don’t want to sound restricted here with respect to guarding against self-praise, so I have thrown caution to the air. Mind Ya. (You Rascels this is Rayani-kant talk)

Particle Physics is indeed leading for brighter and exciting times and I am a proud pro-generator, whatever that means.

Adios, mD

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