Confirm, after I fixed some error-analysis ( — binomial coefficient and error analysis) and fixed the speed-of-light-unit calculations I see that OPERA-experiment does not even need to look beyond what error they might have done. ~1 part per billion of eV (ppb) error on their neutrino-mass equivalent to ~274 ppm of 1 eV error on their neutrino momentum equivalent to ~1 KeV error on their neutrino-energy is sufficient to produce an error on their neutrino speed to the extent of > 8.23 km/second, which already washes away the 7.5 kms/second, I will give you more details later.

1 KeV on  17 GeV thats a ~10^(-5) precision. I doubt it.

The brilliance of number, the precision is in the order of 10^(-5) which is what beta is for speeds at 5.1 km/s order.

Its a precision of energy at a fixed time precision that decides the speed excess is a result or an uncertainty? The minimum-minimum error on QM says OPERA result is an uncertainty unless they show us that they have say equal to less than 0.5 or 0.2 KeV error on their neutrino energy. Thats just an ideal, one might have to show much better precision on neutrino energy in a complicated scenario.

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