Note how close the 10-incarnations of Bishnu = Narayana= Nara, are in Indian and Japanese. they retain at-least one monosyllable or more, which could mean the 10-incarnation system was developed much later and is a compilation from philosiphical and mythical school of thoughts prevalent up until now, but thesame linguistic system existed much before. I took this project 30 min ago and done.

1. Fish [Ind: maTSya, sounds:… matsu] >> [Jap: sakana, TSUru,  could be: TSU-kana, ]

2. Tortoise [KUrMA, sounds: KuMa]  >> [Jap: KAME]

3. Bohr [VOrah, sounds: VaRah/VOrah] >> no close except Bu-ta [sounds could be: BOta]

4. Lion [Shin, sounds: shin, SHInh etc] >> close [Jap: SHI shi]

5. Dwarf [VAmana, BAnshu, BAmanasu] >> [jap: BA, WA, WAisei]

6. ParshuRama [Parshurama, could sound: pONsurama] [jap: ONo]

7. Rama [Rama, sounds: Rama]  [Jap: Rama]

8. BalaRama *eor / Krushna [sounds: KUROSHna] [jap: KURODa]

9. Bud-Ha [sounds: BUD-ha]  [Jap: BUT, BUTsu]

10. Kalki [sounds KAl-ki] [jap, could be: KAn-ki]

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