This write-up was produced from a 10 minute webcam record I did for myself, yesterday, Dec 15 2012.

(If people want to see the vid may be I will upload? I am not sure if I have the video clip anymore as I relocated the computer systems have been widely altered, lets just say if not reformatted, relocated themselves?)

I also discovered that I speak so fast that I can not literally write it just from hearing myself. It needed to be recorded and and played back/f so many times. It takes a 10 minute speech of mine for me to write, 30 minutes and it only takes couple or 3 paragraphs.

Now I am thinking how much time I have spent in writing my mind on various things with pages and pages of content. They were certainly going to make interesting videos. (I thought and wrote all that) but this one I recorded myself extemporaneously (and some extemporaneous music, but I don’t have any video editing software, so I will just upload the text).

I am a very soft-hearted scientist you know. I can speak a little Japanese. Whats the context (contest?)? Well I lived in Japan for 3 years but I can speak a little (Japanese). I am a soft-hearted scientist! Why did I say that? .. Well because it just occurred to me. Like various things are occurring to you, various things are occurring to me as well. But thats the kind of thing that occurs to me, because of the kind of things that I am going through.

So you can make yourself go through certain things, in the hope that, that will occur to you. That is called speculation. See they are training a lot of students in science and they think that will make them a scientist, speculation. Being a scientist is a human achievement. Its a personal achievement. That you have to go through such difficulties to do science. To follow the path of scientific understanding.

But if I think that I put you into an environment where you are inspired or you are motivated to do science it will work? YES.

But it will not work to the extent to which you (might) think. What right now you are doing is you are trying others to make, you are trying others to believe, you are trying others to make them believe that they can become scientists. Completely. No matter what we are doing, it is science. No matter what sort of progress we have thats science. And everybody must just agree with it.

Science doesn’t lie in agreement (alone). Science also lies as much  in disagreement. Science also lies in lack of a consensus.

Because its a new thing, new paradigm and you are hitting it. Everyone is hitting it and not everyone is ready to believe in such. Not everyone is ready to understand the real implication of such. It is science.

Recently I heard a video on the You Tube where Professor Michio Kaku says as kids we are all born scientists. He shocked me. He says as kids all kids are born scientists. They are curious and society kills the curiosity.

I say this is a very good thing (he is saying) that society kills curiosity .. at every level of (y)our growth.

You are a kid, it kills your curiosity. It doesn’t want kids to learn the right things. Adult people wanna be feeling comfortable with the kids, they don’t want the kid to question. How dare we question .. slap pow pow spank’m.

Adult people are not comfortable when another adult disagrees or poses a question to his ways. They get irritated they get angry. Thats what society is.

Science is different from societyScience is based on the very inherent ideals that you question everything including the most sacrosanct of your knowledge, achieved so far.

So we grow our kids not to be disrespectful. Not to ask a question. Not to offend the elders. Not to go where elders are sitting. hhhhrrrw watuhsh keep him out of here. Senior people are sitting alone, they want the young people to be away. Don’t let that young punk in here.

What are you doing? You are producing the environment of an emperor. You are trying to be a King. You don’t want others to question you.

(This social restriction) Its so much more worse than democracy. Democracy is NOT very good to science. Democracy strangulates science (yea thank you .. ah here comes my diet coke and for what?)

Democracy strangulates science. Because it is democracy. It goes against the ideals of science.

Science is based on the ideal that; everyone can be wrong (incorrect) like only a few people can be right and everyone else can be wrong (for finding a right answer to a given question). Everyone can be wrong. ( — As a situation >> Not a single person can be right.

(Thats because) There is no a-priori knowledge about science thats why we are doing this.

But democracy is based on the  ideals you go and lobby for certain things, you go and show your numbers your headcount your majority “ because of what majority? (because) once this is done by majority there is no other force or power even legal power that can stop you from doing something. Because ( by majority ) you will modulate the legal powers as well. Thats what democracy is.

The ideals of democracy and science go “pttt“. (opposite moving hands)

So, umm, science starts making good relationship with democracy but here comes oligarchy, land lordship, kings, emperors, trying to dictate you, dictators .. that doesn’t strangulate science, that just shoots bullets at science indiscriminately. Kills them all, kills everything.

So society kills curiosity. But when Michio Kaku says as kids we are all scientists this is bullish. He is giving you too much to take. Everyone is just dropped (as) scientists. Whats the reason of such thinking? How can everyone be just a scientist?

What about the musicians, the artists, the engineers? Are they NOT born with natural instinct that goes one way or the other? Are they just all social conditioning? I don’t think so. We have created a mist around the scientists .. scientists just got to be something ..  how?

Ok there is something about the scientists that impresses you. You can tell me what impresses you about me. What you really see in there. Thats that. And you can give it to others, you can write about it and give it to others, sharing, be very careful, but don’t invent fictitious, assump .. assumptive, presumptuous theories. Its not wishful thinking.

Science is not, a gossip thing. You are just .. go and do certain things write some thing on the blackboard. Students are ai gaw he is the greatest teacher in the world, because you don’t know what great really means.  And, he goes home and starts gossiping because he had this ambition to be projected as something like Michio Kaku or as a(ny) great scientist.

Thats how it goes. There is NOT much real knowledge people are ever trying to give (it to) give to you. Okay it is getting too noisy here and you don’t see the environment to be too attractive for your CNN show, so I am going to cut you off here, thank you.

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