I think I have found two bugs in gmail (by seeing its unwanted behavior)

1. This one has happened for years, now, solves itself in few hours. YOU CLICK on the email and it will not open. All other actions such as browsing through the boxes and delete etc would be working. SO you just gotta be patient for a while.

2. This one is more scary. Perhaps happening for a few months now. Seems like there is a bug that scatters the emails randomly and in large numbers (perhaps the ones it think are mass-notifications, it can drag some of your important message there if the message source is routine, that is your job-website or your bank emails) .

What happens? You can’t see a large number of emails, these are invisible, so after you read this, take my trick and check how many would be sitting in your email never read by you. You can’t and bet ya’ haven’t seen tons of emails that have been sent to you, few very urgent emails. Likely.

What its perhaps doing? Its taking lets say 50 emails (per week, but its actually happening over every day, in small batches) and throwing them to an invisible cocoon.

And how its doing? Perhaps its rearranging them sequentially (a great feature of computers isn’t it?) Once a particular variable is filled it throws into another list. SO its going on without your knowledge.

How did I come across it? I am looking for some older emails and I see I have tons of unread email. I never leave mails like that. I am very well organized (kudos and applauds please). If I do not need something such as a NYTimes email (pun intended), bam, its tossed into an oblivion from where it will hardly ever see a way back. Only a computer expert who has also the mandate to look it back and recover, might, if that expert is a real real expert, not one, coffee-shop expert like me. So if I deleted all my unwanted emails and there is no black-lining reminding me a tons of those that I want to see again, which I never ever do, (yeah you get it, I never ever leave the shit for future) where are all these coming from?

Where are all these coming from? I discovered recently. I typed a word that should be familiar for the mailbox (like youtube or tubepleasure, again pun intended, just go with tube, thats more generic isn’t it?) and it will recover any invisible emails that I never came across, after their delivery to my mail-account. Then I check if anything urgent is sitting there, and delete rest.

Then I grew more curious and I typed “a” (letter a only, no “, no ” “) in the search box/rectangle above gmail. Hit enter and it will throw all black-lined emails (unread that is, actually never seen by the user) into groups of 25 or 50, depending on your mailbox setting for mail display. Then I go on deleting and move to next 25 with search “a” still on. (you have to manually delete it or browse away by using another tab) .

Then I get some free-time, I make an “a” search and browse till the 500th email (by that time the computer would also be exhausted, watch out whats comin next) I go on deleting, so no unread corners are still there (unless this method of “a” searching is futile at some level. Then you could do an “aa” or “at” search, but that would be random, so go in sequence, go to “b” search) . This way I have to run through all letters of alphabet singleton (“a”, “b”, “c”, … etc) to a reasonable mail-quantity, say 500 emails, plus this problem started few months ago, so haven’t probably spread across the entire box. ..

For some letters there would not be as many emails, wonder where exactly that search parameter (“a”, “b”, “c”, … ) be sitting in the email? Don’t know yet, may be in subject line, may be body of email, may be anywhere. That sequential search therefore seems effective, given that singletons would be like a basis set from where more complicated search parameters would give us valid search destination. By killing the bases, we have killed all the possible destinations, or rather reached our unread emails. One needs to have patience and haunt down. What else? If you did a total-alphabet search few days ago, perhaps the only letters now you need to search is “a”, for a while, before more emails are black-lined this way into lists of “b”, “c” and further.

Perhaps “a” simply corresponds to the first of the list created by the gmail email program. Can someone in gmail be enlightening us or may be make an effort to tell us if they have really found such bugs (or rather fixed a way for such?).

Thank you for listening.

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