You don’t have to always criticize religion harshly. Sometimes they don’t even deserve your attention. Considering then you have a lot of time what shall ye’ do with this time?

1) Go to wall mart and hang around the vegetable section, this is the section where nobody will suspect you are not there to buy anything. Vegetable is something everybody needs howsoever smurky one looks.

2) Buy a pumpkin and carve something and upload on fb.

3) talk a few idiosyncrasies of your wife that matches with what you read in an internet celebrity corner.

4) Talk about the dark side of your besty on fb, making sure that thats not true.

5) Make up a story about your professional glory by implicating a few wrong doers that were unhappy with your personal side.

6) Go home, kick off your shoes and talk flatteringly about your mother. The tea will be ready in 5 minutes even if your wife is sleeping.

7) Give a nice guy look and talk about social responsibilities of CEOs of your favorite company.

8) Write a nasty tripadvisor review about the best hotel you have stayed in.

9) Make a phone call to a non-existent number and write a long post about how your phone memory has vanished and you don’t have your close friends numbers enlisted anymore.

10) Repeat any of the above after making sure you haven’t repeated any one 3 times

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