I jotted un-provocatively on the news of  discovery of 28 dashing neutrinos at Ice-Cube. Then I thought may be I share this with my folks here too. Here is that 5 minutes rambling.

Looks like a well done Physics measurement.

These tiny little morons called as neutrinos are now becoming ubiquitous (some would take an objection to me calling these beautiful smurfs morons simply because I don’t get them, what are they saying again? blurp blurp blurp this time time we have a lotta energy, wanna mess up buddy?)

Ubiquitous is not an adjective for only finding 28 of them. But compare that to how many would be found if we are not to have smart technology and a dint of luck and a lot of hard work, probably 0.3 neutrinos, confirmed by a Bayesian technique opposed to say a frequentist method (are they the same, I won’t know since I am a science writer lol) !!

What have been found by a very interesting particle physics experiment group called Ice Cube (– yay, me type work) is the mind-blowingly strong counterpart of hulks in the particle-world. So a bunch of smurfs who are powerful than the biggest hulks. oye.

Ice-Cube is a cube made in Ice or what? Probably. That apparatus collects neutrinos (the smurfy hulks this time around) from outer space and Antarctica ain’t no good for being a resort (is it good for skiing? me no idea) but certainly for science experiments. It keeps the noise low, lest the particles won’t hang around here, oye.

What have they found? neutrinos which are smurfy because they are half-a-billion times lighter than protons, (not proteins, which anyway have a lotta protons) a proton being 1/10 times responsible for the weight of water we are drinking for each molecular unit? But these are hulkish because they are 1000 times more powerful than protons which are already millions times powerful than the protons if they were to be sitting on the couch rather than flying around in particle accelerator, especially the one at CERN.

That makes them trillions of times more powerful than protons in accelerators. Needless to say then Universe have plenty of natural particle-accelerators that are capable of throwing these little smurfs so so strongly that they eventually behave trillions times more powerful than the most powerful particles we have produced by human-design. And no its not God’s design, suck it but its nature design still.

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