The origin of the word “nemesis” ..

死 = 七+名−口 (shi = shichi + na – kuchi )
put in Google Translator and see this: Death = seven + name – mouth.

This ancient kanji says: 死, shi, which means end or death. (Ind: shesh=shi+x = death, end, finish)

Death is when a person (honor, name) meets 7 elements (and not 5) and name is taken no more.

The origin of the word “nemesis” [death] is here:
na-mei+shi {mei=名, shi-chi=七} = literally, “end of name”.
[death of namesake, death of something, harm, extinction]

Japanese: mei, namae, na etc denote name. Infact English “name” derives from Japanese, here.

which is why death is “shi =死“, name+shichi = nemeshish = nemesis.

Genesis also might have derived in line with nemesis. Since gen/jan/jin/nin/ren/ningen means person genesis=gen+sis means “finishing = creating/formation of a person”.

also see the slight difference in shichi [7七] and the symbol in . The latter is used as a symbol for person asif one is sitting. 7七 is used anywhere there is nature’s elements present: eg 花hana=flower、脂abura=fat/oil、 指yubi=finger. One might be tempted to say in finger and fat the “sitting person is used” although my opinion is just think “7” = 7 elements of nature. Also note how English: 7 is a upside down Japanese [7七].

And note that there is a “day=日” sign in abura and yubi. It simply means energy. Since energy derives from sun-light = day. Also I had done some research to find out the left part of 指yubi=finger to be “su” as in “do”. The English: do derives here. [su > zu > dzu > do] The su is always a verbification in Japanese. and also ru is verbification; desu, shimasu, dekiru, iru. NO the desu is not “is”. desu is de+su. de is a helpword meaning: in/at/by/for etc [also used in many other languages now] and su is the verb-maker. Hence yubi=指 is “action+energy+body-part” = finger.


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