Information Theory in Physics  

You know Einstein was very clever.

He looked at W, sees thats work or energy, flips it, sees thats M, for mass and says Mass is equivalent to Energy. Then he thinks I can be more productive in a year, they will call it Anus Mirabilis, pardon the new age English, if I look into more symbolism.

Then he goes S = Int{Ldt}, action is the total amount of specified definitions of energy over all of time, and action is a kind of information if we are dealing with a statistical system of L {energy} because Energy is not known precisely, or rather action is not, this fact is brought in by saying the time is an information or a PLAN, because things are not known precisely although depend on other well defined factors. Then he sees that since interactions of different chunks of Energy with each other which are not known very precisely gives rise to heat or temperature, temperature here serves as information or PLAN. Then this is still called S, akin to action because S again is information or imprecise or statistical. Then they call it Entropy. {Perhaps for INTERnal-Energy = Intropy} But this other factor temperature also is denoted by same initial T. Since T has to be a fundamental parameter as are Energy and Entropy it can go anywhere, in denominator or numerator and sitting below sometimes feels good so they give T the chance to do that. Its better to heat from below. Heat works that way. But Time T sits on top, see: S = Int{Ldt}.

So we have same formula with different meaning in some way. S = Int{dQ/T} where Q=E=W. One can then adjust the units further and make T= kT where k is called Boltzman’s constant. Then k=1 in natural units. {in natural units always imortant units are set to 1, so G=1, h=1, c=1} Then its easy to see that S = k logW {or a -ve sign somewhere?}

One can say: klog is like clock, it gves time. But this time the PLAN or Scheme is different, hence information is different. Since its a PLAN this PLAN has no relation with the PLAN or information of TIME: S = Int{Ldt}.

But they are both information theories now. And in places where information or precision good, they are Physical theories.

So as long as Physics can be studied like logic or information, such ideas must be remembered where we are being inconsistent and we neither lead to Physical predictions nor information or content.

I started just for fun but I see that this much just comes to mind. But given that PLAN TEMP and PLAN TIME are akin one can perhaps merge much of these two approaches of Physics. This is where statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics come to the same coffee table. They will do something nasty ? Thats not given a priori. Thats the PLAN.

{Which means literally “Sun: The Law/New Stone” }

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