FOR unification of language read this article:  the-approach-to-unify-language

Couple of weeks ago I was checking random words on GT. I checked eg 4 in 66 languages and almost all of them come from umbrella {I could read 63 languages and not the 3 that were arabic/urdu/..}. take a cross section of umbrella it will give you a 4. rotate the 4 it gives you an umbrella. you see this fact in the right-symbol in how Japan is written in kanji: 日本. the 2nd kanji is read as hon which is a variant of yon you think? yon is Japanese for 4. then you translate that into French you get cette which is city/umbrella/roof in various renderings. {for same reason kyoto is city in Japanese, umbrella, 4, sun, small ..}

Then I realized you can take any God-damn word in the world and as long as its a bonafide ancient word it will be the same in almost all language with the meaning being conserved into eg sun/umbrella/city/roof/4/7 etc, the only facts they understood milenia ago.

Then I checked for word peace: {remember I told you peace is santiphap in khemr which is literally rising sun, shanti-udvav, shanti-udaya, shantivavana}. Then I found Japanese: anshin {for peace}. while you can read it as unseen = unseen sun or night/shadow/lack-of-harshness hence peace.

symbol/phonetics of peace comes from sun: anshin is peace in Japanese {where one can think an as un or in = night/shadow and shin=sun/lord, there is no harshness of sun during shadow or night}

I think its a peace symbol in all languages: sun. {eg some times you will see a circle that represents a calm sun} manji/swatika/peace-wheel they all represent sun and for that matter peace. {its much more interesting but for now suffices to say peace}

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