I just wrote this email to my very dear friend, and thought then, interesting enough to share with you all. Its more elaborate, and I could think more and more without stop, but lets give it a chance.

Also remember I had given an etymo of Bengal and Bengaluru, according to my etymo theory by uniting the analysis with what I call the sun theory, are the same, bengal+rai where rai is evidently, king, kingdom, city, jurisdiction, protection. And bengal is same phonetic: mangal. (the same in mangal or mandal, or manasa laya etc where laya is jaya = sun, as also in mangalyan = one who guards the sphere, the sun, here though mangal is 2ndary that is derived from primary sun, in the same sense mangal-the-person could be, so don’t see vedic science here)

mangal which also means welfare. Because again, 2ndary, all nouns have primary meaning sun, 2ndary and therefore 2ndary to 2ndary  and so on, anything; tree, place, life forms, action, people, law, … thats how language developed, according to sun as central theory, and I think it was known far deeper into humanity’s history, the most primate civilizations, so heliocentrism in philosophy and religion might have predated the modern science, OR modern science as in Galileo, might have been the recent successful renaissance after Religious bigotry over ruled all forms of heliocentrism to run its covert practices, by subverting the actual sun to various forms of regional and national cultural Gods, thats is Budha, Jesus, Shiva, Bishnu they all might simply have been derived by subverting the humanist helio-centric philosophies. The nasty politics we see today is a result of much ancient practice of elaborate forms of bullying; religious subversion. And in-fact they are. There is enough attributes in all these provincial and religious gods from the philosophical and universally humanistic God: Sun.

so bengal or bengaluru simply phonetically: mangal+rai (or mangala rajya) A welfare nation or simply a kingdom, a city etc. The name of a place.

So here is madras, from same perspective although slightly different phonetics. A part of an email, consider the 1st sentence to be misleading.

… hmm But IIT Madras I only know few people in last 15 yrs although never been there. Madras (according to my theory: meta+rise, meta = important here sun) So Madras as are all places on earth (in some way or another) A place under sun, jurisdiction-ed by sun etc. Also with alternation, the s become y/i and madras is same as madurai, again another place close by, in South India. (I think same state of Tamil Nadu), rai is rule, king, kingdom, state etc.  Mada as I said is,  phonetically meta, great, significant, important (as in mother) . So Madurai, Madras, Mysore (Mahis+ru = Madru) etc are all the different rendering of the same word. The great abode or great city or great kingdom etc.

Note: We didn’t need to change Madras to Chennai if we understood that Roman is natively integrated to Indian language since much before British came, that is since more than 1500, 2000 years ago. But our nationalists want to write wrong history and mislead and bully the nation. So while they can’t provide development they want to create a fictitious nationalistic syndrome of re-naming cities and states.

Chennai on the other hand means same thing. The new sun, the golden sun etc. The good looking sun. All names, and therefore all of language, across the globe, according to my analysis, reflect only this fact, the sun’s fact. A reason why Indianic and Japanistic temples and Gods are ornamented with Gold. And gold is called kin in Japanese which is due to Roman alternation, k/c/s has all of it, kin, chin, shin which are mere alternations of sun.

shin in Japanese therefore means God, but actually the sun God, from where all Gods have been formulated, and nationalists and religious people may like this fact, but the holier than thou not necessarily.

Anyway I must stop here and ask YOU how ya’ doin? ….

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