Scientific Interest !!

Science has, in itself, plenty of self-sustaining skepticism and rationale of its own, by that I mean science is the leading buffer of both, skepticism and rationale, science exists on its own, by its own, not necessarily for its own, science is implemented for social consumption, but that’s not the inspiration, despite of its ideal inspirations, its useful and its efficient enough.

Science can not be and should not be rejected on a plain, it does not appeal to our philosophical taste or stand point.

Science is like a Game !

Then it just becomes an industry. But the real point I want to make is what we are trying to work at is Nature or in any case Universe. What’s the difference anyway? Universe is Nature. But at a large large scale as well as at any scale. Nature is what we often refer at a scale, which is directly perceivable, or in case of the small-scale matter and interaction, the ones whose effects are still observable by us.

How these are studied in all its details, anyway, means we are studying even the ones that are not observable.

The nature of quantum mechanics.

When nature takes all the million paths, allowed for the tiny bump or the ball, which includes all the paths in the vicinity of the actuated path (that is, the actual trajectory of the ball seen on TV) all of them cancel each other out.

If Path A is the actuated path, then its surrounded on both sides by, path A-minor-up and path A-minor-down, A-minor-up, has a phase 30 degree and A-minor-down, minus 30 degree, since nature isn’t going to give any special priority to any of the path but add them up, to see any excess value, it finds that at each instant only the actuated path Path A survives, with a non zero value, and all other (paths?) do not give any sufficient phase or amplitude, to the actual motion of the ball.

Nature is a rule-book, immensely complex, gigantic and subtle …

So we do live in a time, when quantum mechanics is actually not making it much into our psyche, given it’s a well carved out niche, on the slopes of which we are doing all our chores, yet not realize so, and given that we have taken into grant, some of its most ill quoted saying, such as quantum mechanics pertains to the small and it only adds up a ferociously small error.

The truth is some of its often quoted remarks such as, Feynman’s; safe to say nobody understands quantum mechanics and so on, are a mere metaphor, in circumstances where further insights of quantum mechanics are tangible and NOT inconsistent with the rules of quantum mechanics.

Although such is unlikely to come in a decade, impressive strides are possible in 5 decades and truly comprehensive knowledge is possible in several centuries to a millennium’s time.

Safety of science in India, is Indian Democracy in control of science in India?

I have teachers from where I come from, who are the alumni of IITs and likes and they are all engaged in some sort of activities related to science and research, say teaching. They are also of the best quality as I have come across, but when it comes to finding a structure that recognizes and utilizes their potential its quite far away. Is there a database in this country that maintains the list of experts and their expertise so it can be used for future plans for science, education, and teaching.

You can remind me this country doesn’t thrive on such principles; I have come across the corrupt practices of organizations such as the AICTE and I have also come across their dignitaries, who go on government funding to places inside the country but have no worthwhile issues to take care.

They come and see the laboratory and in a careless momentary self gratification remark “Establish LASER in the labs ”, well if we need LASER and you can right away see it, why don’t you take a report from right there and submit it to your office, and sanction the money the next month. I can certainly write a proposal right there in a couple minutes.

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